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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I planted corn

Yesterday, I planted 11.4 acres. It is a start. It was not on our farm, it was for my neighbor. Many things went wrong.
1. I got to the field to plant NON GMO corn and opened the lid on row 5. There was corn in the disk. Not a lot but it was fat big kernels. Not sweet corn. I have no idea where it came from. I took that disk off myself. There was no corn in it.
2. Rows 1 and 5 kept plugging up. Upon further inspection I discovered there were chunks of moldy corn stuck to the inside of the seed tubes. We had all the disks out and I specifically instructed someone to clean every seed tube. I would say that did not happen.
3. The keys sheared on all the insecticide boxes.
4. MoCap stinks and makes me sick.
5. The #$%^&*( monitor alarm will not shut off!!!!!!
It took me from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. to do four acres.
Then the farmer's wife brought us supper from Ashe's Cafe. That was truly a nice gesture. All that Mocap on my fingers should also rid me of internal parasites.
After supper I did another 7 acres. Then it got too dark and the ground was too wet to see the maker trail. This is pretty wet conventionally tilled ground. Lots of wet clods. The extra no-till coulters on the White 5100 are really doing a nice job.

There was a little bit of a hill in the field. I think the six row pulls harder in wet ground.


  1. Sounds like your population monitor has the same disease as the one I have. I still say they are using computers in these things that are WAY TOO SMART, they get bored and then think of ways to mess with us.

    Hope it dries a little for you so you can get your planting finished...

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  2. I thought I had a bad day Budde, but you may have me beat. I had to wait 24 hours for a refill of anhydrous, some sort of new record. I could have had another hundred acres done but guess not. We are already two weeks behind normal and I really didn't need to lose another day. And I don't feel like making up time by sacrificing sleep.

  3. Frank, I'm an idiot. I'm using an 8 row monitor with a six row planter and didn't realize I had to take the light bulbs out of the extra rows. Took my spare bulb out of row 7 and silence. But, I had other problems with seed rates and fertilizer and a scramble to plant 60 acres on two farms for two different people before it rained.
    Ralph, Not such a bad day but frustrating. I just can't seem to handle the little details that mean the difference between success and mediocrity.


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