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Monday, May 2, 2011

Did Trump Scare Someone into playing the Bin Laden Card?

I thought this one would be saved until the election. I wonder what major event prompted them to kill the easter bunny, frosty the snow man, hypothetical scary construct, Bin Laden?
I didn't think Trump was that much of a threat? Perhaps the birth certificate really is a fake. Judging from scripted world of post 911 there has to be a reason. Especially since the bogey man was living in a huge mansion within a stones throw of a major Pakistan military training installation.
I have been told I'm cynical but think about it...
No body,
No live video tape,
Body buried in accordance with "Islamic traditions?"
Um right, that would be to declare him an infidel and parade his head around on a pike!
There are few reasons not to provide absolute photographic proof or a video of him confessing.
1. They tortured him to the point that it would be obvious
2. His guards shot him before the Seals got him
3. He never existed.
The first photos released were fakes, see speculation here.
It doesn't matter if he is dead or not, just as it didn't matter if he was alive. His existence was a symbolic construct, he achieved  martyr status when he was alive. He is a mythic hero to the crazy people and that is not going to change.
I mean...
I am sure that TSA will now be disbanded and the military will come home.
THis is wonderful news! I am so happy. Our president is a hero!


  1. I am happy, too.
    Let's see now. We break into his house and shoot him dead with no trial or military commissions. We start wars in three countries. We buy a military force that we can't afford.
    And we are the civilized ones?

  2. I'm just happy that we have a president dedicated to peace, love and labor unuions!


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