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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another 15 minutes of hate for Eastasia, We have always been at war with Eastasia...

I came in to the house and checked my mail after a long day of burning up $4 diesel and I looked at my last post and I saw only two comments. Then I checked the NewsMax article in with Rick Santorum proves he 1. Is an idiot, and 2. Is essentially un-American, and I read the comments.
Now, it could be that my view point is in the minority. I'm afraid it is. Perhaps my opinion is slanted by reading all sorts of WWII stories in which the Americans are always the heroes and Vietnam stories where the bad guys are always breaking people's legs and trying to drown them.
Here you have NewsMax readers who all hate Obama and most of them think he is a Marxist and then they get all woodies when Donald Trump gives him the jitters and he knocks of Bin Laden? AND then uses it to justify torturing terrorists to get the info.
Let's put this all in perspective.
The 911 fiasco was a decade ago!
 It appears that the very dangerous and evil villain has been living in a kind of a dump of a house in Pakistan for a couple years. He can't leave, he is stuck there with three wives and a pile of kids and seems to just sit around in his underwear and watch porn.
The US Navy comes in with three helicopters to shoot up the house, kill several people, one of which appears to have been armed with a water pistol and in the process crash a top secret billion dollar stealth helicopter, which even as we speak, enemies who have armies and rockets and submarines and are not just crazy nuts with box cutters, are reverse engineering. I mean for crying out loud, recent terrorist attempts-the wiener bomb, the shoe bomber, a kid recruited by FBI agents to blow up a Christmas tree (and then they didn't change the tape recorder batteries), a moron who stuffs his car full of propane bottles and it doesn't go off, an idiot rushing the cockpit on an airplane yelling Allah Akbar?
And we are supposed to be happy?!
It is a freaking joke?
Anyone remember Jimmy Carter and the failed hostage raid?
They didn't even come back with a body. Well, at least not that they will show us.
What did we get for it? We shot the guy in his underwear!
If we could have just waited a couple more years we could have just knocked him off at a freaking old folks home. Kicked his walker out from under him. That would have showed those pesky Islamists who hate us "because of our freedom," and not because 1. Their religions tells them to, 2. We keep torturing them and sometimes get the wrong guy, 3. We keep blowing up their houses and sometimes get the wrong one, 4. They hate everybody including themselves.
The thing is, I would not really care that much if we invaded their country and just flat stole their oil. They hate us anyway. So what?
Is this incompatible with the fact that I really don't think we should torture them. That is just mean. Kind of beneath us...
But, I digress...
Click here to go back to NewsMax and read all the crazy comments. None of these people even think for a second that we have EVER got the wrong guy. That the USA is ever wrong. That they could ever be considered terrorists and lose their civil rights. But... they all support gun rights because they like to tell themselves that they would overthrow the government if it got too oppressive. They are idiots.
I don't want to overthrow the government.
I know darn well that I would not stand a change if a SWAT team came to take away my guns, I wouldn't even try.
I want to be proud of my country, I don't want my armed forces used as Keystone Kops, I don't want to be in a decade long pointless war, and I don't think we should let people who hate us into our country. I don't think we should treat other people badly but if they assault our citizens we should bomb the crap out of them and get it over with.
If we can't get it over with we should get the heck out.
It would have been a lot cheaper just to rebuild the World Trade Center. We could have built like five or ten of them just to piss off the bad guys. They could have never hijacked that many airliners again.
Just my opinion...I feel better now. Thanks... Tell me I'm wrong! Call me a liberal, I don't care...


  1. Thank you for expressing so well what is pissing me off about My Country today! We are being lead by completely corrupt fools. Sadly it appears that Americans mostly believe and obey our TV sets.
    The candidates for president from both party's for the next election make me sick.
    We are going to fall and we are doing it to ourselves.

  2. This country has been bought and paid for. Big Business and the military/Industrial complex now own us.

    One hope is to get a reversal on the High Court ruling stating that businesses are people that are equal to the people in their campaign spending.

    Maybe we could make Bush Jr. an ambassador in the mid-east. When they got done with him, maybe we could have peace.

    We are living in a crazy world. They are selling pet insurance to folks for their pets. To make sure they will be taken care of after the rapture. I would've thought that the pets would be saved also. When mine died, I was told that they went to heaven and would be waiting for me there.

    Seems like the "Coffee Party" may be the way to go.
    Tell them Bobby sent you. They'll have no clue who I am.

    Hope to see you in heaven.
    I'll probably get there in another 30 years.

  3. I still say we should have just nuked the U.N. and left the Middle East alone. It would have gotten rid of most of the guilty parties anyway.

  4. This blog is better when politics are left out of farming.


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