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Monday, August 9, 2010

Water pressure problems

I may be an idiot... We have been plagued with water pressure problems since getting this little manufactured home. I thought we checked all the basic things like screens in the faucets junk in the lines when we first moved in.
Now I am not a real handyman around the house. There is always so much to work on with tractors and balers and such that I just don't get needed repairs finished. On the other hand my wife is actually quite hand at many things along this line. So, it was not such a big deal when she decided to replace the bathroom counter.
She got a sink from Jimmy Carter and mounted in on an old vanity. I was called in to finish the plumbing. When I turned on the faucet there was not water pressure. I was a little busy with hay at the time and could not take it all apart again.
Today I decided to tear into it again. I was worried that the shut-off valves had very small orifices so I replaced the valves. Still not water pressure. So I took apart the valves on the sink. I had plenty of pressure there. I examined the faucet closely. It really looked like there was a screen in the end of the faucet spout. So, I took the vice grip to it. Sure enough it had a watersaver stufed up thee and the scren was plugged. On closer exhaminatin I found three more of them in the house.
How I have water pressure.
I may have ruined the water savers.
First I beat them on an anvil

Then I torched !em
And that was the end of them! Have a happy day!


  1. That's not very "green". The shame of it all!

    There must be lots of water where you live.

  2. Perhaps I need an anger management class, or something else... I'm sitting here watching the cat try to get out the storm door. Since it is slick aluminum he can scratch all he wants and it doesn't matter. Now he is trying to push it open with his nose. Occasionally he looks directly at me and yowls. More than likely he will just walk over here and bite my foot. He is a vindictive cat.
    But, that is off subject. We don't have good water pressure so any restriction is a problem.
    The restrictors may actually be a good thing if you are on city water and have to pay for every single drop.

  3. Wish you could do the same to the 'water saver' flush toilets. Now instead of 'saving' water you just use more to get everything to go down because we have to flush three times instead of once.

    Some of this stuff may be needed in an urban water system but for those of us on farms with our own wells and septic systems, it makes about as much sense as putting a crash helmet on a hog.

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  4. Water savers may have their place but I have no need for them at present on the farm. With a well that supposedly taps an aquifer that could supply a small town, plus a cistern that is currently overflowing with rainwater collected from the roof I can't use the water fast enough. Not complaining though. My grandfather hauled water with horses and tanks for years.

  5. On a related note, if we were smart enough to quit flushing all of our sewage into the rivers, we might not have such bad water in this country. I tell my wife that our city water HAS to be good, since it's already been drunk dozens of times before it gets to us!

  6. Hammers and at age six, still right up there with sex and chocolate.

  7. Frank, I once figured it out with the gallons per flush and yes you use a lot more water with a "water saver" toilet. Although you can change the float level to help some what. Of course you do know that the "Progressive's" poop doesn't stink, soo...
    Ralph, you could bottle it and call it Ralph's Mindless Dribbilings or perhaps not. But, when the world ends we are all going to come live with you cause you have good water.
    Gorges it is recycled water and anything recycled is sustainable and sustainability is the new sanctification.
    Collieguy, when I was six I fired my toy steam engine with real coal and compressed air and it kind of ruined it. I did get some rpm out of that little pulley though...


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