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Sunday, August 1, 2010

We go to a movie!

My lovely and gracious wife and I went to a movie today. Sadie is at her aunts and my wife has been in Georgia at art school for a week. She got a grant to study art education. I don't know if I mentioned that she is a high school art teacher.
So, we went to see Inception. I've linked to IMDB so you can read about it.
I'm not doing a review just a quick comment on it.
The premise is that this guy can control dreams. He puts you to sleep, he goes to sleep, his team goes to sleep and then they muck around in your mind. It was a good movie. If followed the standard formula, minor crisis, Major crisis, extended car chase, clever use of "it's not what you think, and then it ended. Oh, but there was yet a bit of doubt. What was real and was was not!
I just can't suspend reality anymore. First I was wondering how they figured the dosage on the "sleep aid," then the car chases and gun play got to me. Was the reason they didn't get hit by bullets from automatic weapon fire because the dream controller willed it not to happen? But then why not just will the bad guys away? No one can drive that good, and if you are in a van that is sprayed by an AK-47 it is going to hurt.
I kept waiting for someone to cry out "Rosebud." It bugged me through the whole movie.
I can't go to movies anymore...


  1. Dreams or no dreams, the seperation between the movie world and the real world has gotten too great for practical minds to accept.

  2. It's just a cartoon, Budde. The humor gets lost in the uberrealism. I sit in movie theaters feeling like a puppet with a growing distrust of whomever is pulling the strings. We need Farmer Alfalfa with his pitchfork and Popeye with his can o' spinach from the Thimble Theater days to show up and clear the deck.

    Sincere congratulations to Gracious Wife on the grant/art study thing.

  3. thefrumpyhousewifeAugust 2, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    I haven't seen Inception but I liked "Despicable Me." Even if it was total fantasy, the fact that it is in cartoon format allows me to suspend reality without guilt. Plus, there was nothing remotely deep--my aging brain had no difficulty following the story line. Perhaps years of Disney movies have eroded my thinking capacity? I also like children's literature...the future doesn't look too promising at this point.

  4. Gorges, I don't mind total fantasy. I like Arthur and the Invisibles and I didn't hate the Chronicles Of Narnia. I just don't like obvious special effects and being asked to accept stuff that should be real but doesn't work that was in real life. Not sure that made sense. What I mean to say is I agree with you.
    Collieguy, good point. But, I can't accept it as a cartoon if there is no line drawings. They get paid a heck of a lot more than me, the movie costs a heck of a lot of money, there is surround sound, make it work!
    Frumpyhousewife-this is the internet, you can be anything you want. How about hot young girl in cutoffs and a bikini top? You could make it all one word or perhaps use an acronym. HYGIFAABTonahorse...Or perhaps not. My daughter saw Despicable Me and said it was really good. I didn't get all the details as she was talking over the phone and years of loud baler noises have left me unable to hear small children over the phone. So, I asked her if there was a car chase and did they put on a show or sing a song at the end to resolve the conflict and she told me I was 1. weird and 2. I ruin all the movies I watch by making commentary. I've heard it all before...

  5. Unfortunately, I think I was one of the hot young girls in the cutoffs and bikini tops from your youth and most recent post, so in view of that supposition, I will stick with frumpyhousewife so I don't lead any one else astray into sinful thoughts.

  6. As George Costanza so aptly put it, "Worlds are Colliding!"


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