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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh no! I've been featured on Eye of Polyphemus and this is the week I had nothing to say!

It always happens when Eye of Polyphemus links to me. I have nothing to say. In fact I have been working non-stop and have not been online all that much. The whole mad straw baling and not really keeping up with irrigation and combining and just getting stuff done is making me uptight.
The fellow who was buying/transporting my straw couldn't get it hauled in a timely manner and so I called another fellow. Both fields needed to be hauled post haste. The second field was going to be blocked by irrigation by Monday. He said no problem and was there the next day (Saturday). The catch is he put it in his barn to sell in the winter. I don't know when I will get paid. I think it is somewhere around $16,000. I kind of need the money...
My wife didn't wake me up this morning. I think we missed church. I just woke up, it is 12:57. Sadie is with her aunt in Junction City. I've heard that is kind of a granola area. Home of fruits flakes and nuts. Don't know of anyone else from that area. They probably all run Massey Combines and listen to Hit and Roll music down there... Put duals on their swathers. Grow annual ryegrass, which is a weed to the rest of the world.
But, I digress,
Eye of Polyphemus has been featuring reviews of the Wild Wild West TV show of the late 1960's. I have seen several episodes on eBay and think it might be good for movie night on the great white barn.
Would this movie be good on the side of a barn? Wild Wild West, Night of the Undead on Ebay. I went nuts last week and bid $200 for a 16mm copy of Blade Runner. I wanted to do a double feature with Blade Runner and Metropolis but Blade Runner went for $900 and Metropolis went for $800 and something. I need to win the lottery. Local culture would really improve.
Not that I have time to show movies this summer. I've got four reels of assorted cartoons which I have not shown. I assume people want to see them...
Perhaps I am just strange. The kids like them...

Update: I am not buying it. I just realized I am broke... No cash in PayPal... You know they baled out the banks... I could use a $100,000. Heck I could use $5 and a pat on the head...


  1. Sorry Budd, all I can give you is an "atta boy!"

  2. You really can't trust those darned South Valley folks. An odd bunch to be sure! What exactly is hit and roll music, so that I can be sure to avoid it?

  3. Gorges, what are the odds? Only get noticed when I think i am boring. Why didn't he link to you? You at least proof-read!
    Orin, I think that is what they play on KZEL, the state rock of Oregon. Does KZEL even exist anymore? I used to listen to it in high school as they played the Stray Cats. Hmm, you may guess my age...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Edit: this version will hopefully make more sense!

    Oh yeah, KZEL is still around but it is only a shell of its former self. It was about all I listened to in my junior and senior years of HS. Back then it was privately owned and the jocks were funnier and the music was better....

    About '98 the music started going downhill as they started playing more new music from has-been artists rather than the good old stuff from same artists. Somewhere around that time Cumulus Broadcasting bought them and the KUGN family of stations, quickening the downhill slide. I will say that Cumulus has done a better job of keeping the individual stations' character than Clear Channel.

    Different genre, but did you ever listen to KFAT, Corvallis? Now THERE was a station with character. Ah the good old days. I think there is still a KFAT carstar on my bedroom window at my parents' place.

  6. Orin, KFAT is why I listen to country music. They played everything. It is really a shame there are no more real radio stations.
    I was listening to KGON the other day. Good grief the same three Led Zepplin songs they played in high school. Same three in a row from the Cars, same three from Tom Petty, same three from AC/DC. I do not need to hear "stairway to heaven" or "aqualung" again...Ever! They did play Jimmi Hendrix which is kind of rare. Finally I had to just shut off the radio.


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