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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I miss the Don Edwards cowboy music concert and am annoyed...

My lovely wife and my precocious daughter bought me good seat tickets to see Don Edwards at the Elsinore Theater in Salem.
Don Edwards is an old fashioned cowboy singer who has been around since slightly before the flood. I saw him years ago when he shared a show with Ian Tyson at the Alladin Theater in Portland.
He tells stories and sings and is a really nice fellow and I thought it would be a pretty cool experience for my daughter. The plan was to have a steak dinner at the Jonathon's Oyster Bar next door and then see the show. Sort of a dress up sort of thing. Hopefully it would not lead her down the road to honkey-tonks and yodeling and unrestrained banjo picking.
But that is all a moot point as I missed the show.
My friend called to tell me that Joan Jett was going to be at the Clark County Fair Douglas County Fair August 22nd and suddenly I thought of Don Edwards (which is in no way connected to Joan Jett is just how my mind words). The tickets were on the bookshelf. I pretty sure that was around the 16th of August. No... It was the sixth of August. I'm an idiot... Perhaps we will go see Joan Jett. Sadie is a bit of a rocker, I over heard her singing an AC/DC song while driving the pickup the other day. Of course this was followed by "This little light of Mine," so I suppose all it means is that she will grow up just as confused as I am. Nothing like passing on a little "angst" to your kids. I just hope she doesn't say "sh..t" during a youth group meeting, or yell, "You M...." (Massey Fergusoner)  in front of an Amish fellow when sprayed with really cold water... Not that it happened to anyone I know...

I did look up his tour. I think I can catch him again at a better time. October 18-20th he is going to be at the Fairy Baptist Church Revival in Fairy, Texas. I need a good revival and this could be just the one. Look at the link to the Church!
The town of Fairy seems to be somewhere in the middle of the state. See this link, I am sure it would be an adventure. Too bad I don't have my travel trailer anymore.

I was thinking it would make a great trip. We would first hit the Lone Pine Film Festival in Lone Pine, Ca and then just ramble down the trail to Texas.
This will very likely not happen...
But, speaking of film festivals, there will most likely be movies on the side of the Great White Barn that blocks our view of Mt. Hood. Featured will be Woody Woodpecker in "Cracked Nut," the usual crowd pleasers, "Farmer Alfalfa and the Mechanical Cow," and a 1970's farm safety film from International Harvestor. We may also watch "Surf Side Six," if Mrs. Shultz shows up. Bring your own chairs and blankets and popcorn. Our microwave quits when we do popcorn and we don't have the cast-iron pot to make it on the stove.
Those of you on the other side of the country may not be able to make it with such short notice. I will apologize as the Lazy Farmer Film festival is a totally random event. The show starts at sunset.


  1. Oh, so you're not rained out? Fairly good shower here this morning. I think Dad might have had the forklift totally airborne at one point in the mad rush of moving bulk bags in. You know, the ones that the seed company was rushing us to get done and they would move as soon as the test came back. That was 2-1/2 weeks ago!

    The sales dept claims that nothing is moving and it is extremely slow, and the shipping dept claims that they're so busy that they can't fit it in the schedule right now. Could it be that the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing? Or are they just liars?

  2. Orin, some large drops last night but nothing really so far. Looks like it will pass us by. Have several truckloads of straw in the field.
    The Massy 750 is having fuel problems anyway. Then the a/c pump clutch flew apart for the second time. And the old metal teeth are coming off the pickup and we need a new belt and there is straw coming in with the intermediate ryegrass and the header keeps stopping and...and...
    So we take Sunday off. Going to church, having a potluck, if it clears up we will go to the river, we may watch movies on the barn tonight, and then comes Monday...And it is back to the combine that won't run, the baler which misses the center string, the irrigator that reels in wrong, the truck that is dead, stacker that has a strange hydraulic problem, the Teff that won't grow. If it were not for pretty butterflies and sunsets and rainbows what would be do...!

  3. Had to laugh at your "Massey Fergusoner", but since my mind plays random word association games like you say yours does, I've got a question for you. Do you know any folks that have 35-55 horse Mahindra tractors? I know those are stocking-stuffers for the kids to real farmers like you, but I'm trying to find a small farm tractor that isn't made in Communist China (not that I will positively go through with the purchase).

  4. Gorges, I really don't know a lot about the Mahindra. I know they used to market a licensed copy of a small international tractor. On the other hand I have never heard they were absolute junk either. Not a lot of choice in the non Chinese tractor lines. Not sure what happened to Belarus which seemed to be a good tractor.

  5. Gorges, I always found 35-55 horse is a really handy size for just getting stuff done. Who do you have in the neighborhood for maintenance? Are there parts yards within a hundred miles? Something to consider when looking at either current foreign or vintage makes. Z series MM and WD through D-19 Allis Chalmers are my favorites for serious chore tractors. Massey Harris had good iron. I liked their 44, unfortunately mine was tricycle gear and we do have a season of deep mud here.

    Budde, wha' happened to the Honolulu or whatever model trailer? One of those toys that helped define an era in your life? What caliber film are you shooting at that barn? Is it sixteen millimeter? What is that in inches? I should poke around Craig's list and see what the sovereign city of Des Moines might have to offer.

  6. I have a 16mm projector. I'm not sure what caliber that would be. The Aloha trailer resides at wife's sister's house. Since the house and the frame attempted to part company in Wyoming and we had to tie it all down with yellow hay straps, we have not driven it above 45 mph.

  7. Everything parts company in Wyoming. 65 mph headwind ripped the fairings off the underside of our not that old minivan.

  8. So when the song says, "good bye old paint, I'm leaving Cheyenne," it all has to do with the wind?

  9. Budd and collieguy: thanks for your comments. I understand that Mahindra is now the numero uno in sales world wide, but I'm not sure if that reflects quality or price. We've got established area dealers to service Massey, Ford and Deere, but the Mahindra dealer is and older guy who's new on the block, so I'm beginning to lean toward buying a used tractor of one of those brands. Then again, maybe I can get a few more years out of the old Ferguson 40, if I spend a little more money on it.


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