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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stuck in a baler, what I did yesterday

It was a tight fit. I'm working on the baler. I am fixing the bumper that comes down and keeps the plunger from hitting the needles if something goes out of time. I need to be working on the twine finger drive but this broke completely.
I have to weld and patch together what I can. AGCO has put the price of Hesston parts to the point where it makes the title of their photo website ironic. Instead of Saving the Family farm it should be perhaps a Dairy Theme and the titled would be "Milking the Family Farm," or if we are a bit more crude perhaps it should have more of a progressive theme, like "Alternative Lifestyling the Family Farm." (Oh no, I can't find the AGCO saving the family farm picture website. Perhaps they've discontinued it. Never heard of AGCO discontinuing anything before. Probably want to focus on a core brand, like on Valtra and Massey Photos)


  1. Budd, you seem to be spending a lot of time inside balers lately. Are you sure you aren't just trying to hide from something?

  2. Budd, have you ever priced the hyd cooler for the Whites? Ours started seeping this week. $620 from Batavia,IL. Agco almost DESERVES to fail, with their abysmal parts system. Case is little better. Deere seems to be headed the same way.

    We had the old one heli-arced. We shall see....

  3. I've spent just a little time inside the chamber of a square baler or two removing or sharpening a plunger knife. Not a nice place at all. Of course there are some people that would not fit in such a place. I guess they have to hire a skinny guy to do the job for them.

  4. Once knew an old Finnish farmer in the Dakotas who made his sauna stove out of the bale case from a dead small square baler. Seemed a good way to get some relaxation out of a machine that caused so much exhaustion and aggravation.

  5. Gorges, yeah I'd like to hide from life and responsibilities but the whole stuck in a baler thing makes me claustrophobic!
    Orin,the parts prices are outrageous. I try to call Nyssa Tractor salvage on a weekend. They have a couple Whites. Or Welter's Farm Equipment in Mo. They have good prices.
    Ralph, I've often wondered how the large fellows do this kind of thing. I've never met a fat baler mechanic... I suppose doing this stuff when it is 97 degrees and 120 in the baler kind of sweats the fat off you!
    Collieguy, with all the swearing a baler has inspired probably one could harness the fires of perdition to heat that sauna!


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