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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I need a bigger rake tractor

People sometimes poke fun at me... They report any sightings of White or MM tractors within 50 miles. Mostly it is me off somewhere baling or planting. They say things like, "oh I didn't know if it was you...ha ha ha..." As if there is another White or MM tractor that is being used within a 100 mile radius.
I really need to find a 2-105 or 2-110. I'd like a 2-110 with front wheel assist to put on the mower and to rake with. FWA White tractors drive and ride so much better than standard White tractors. White has a pretty stupid and light duty steering system that they got from Oliver. It was fine on a 50hp tractor but doesn't translate well to 150 hp and 10 times the weight.
As a result, herding the 2-135 down the highway with a baler on behind is sometimes a bit of a challenge.
Anyway, it is 90 degrees and I opted not to run the double rake on the M670 Super. There is no reason to bust the motor mount bolts on a 45 year old tractor bouncing over fescue rows. I put the rake on the 2-155 which has nice cold freon based A/C and the large front wheels smooth out the ride. The neighbor's do need entertainment.
What I would really like is to get the G1000 Vista going for the rake or just a back up. It is a nice tractor to drive even if it is an open cab. I got a parts engine for the G1355 but I'm kind of afraid to tear the thing apart. I may never get it back together again. Plus, it really needs new steering lines and a cab kit and a repaint. I do like the tractor. It is about my favorite. If they only came with FWA...


  1. Budde I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that front wheel assit was an option on the big "minis" well back into the 1960s.
    Its nice open tractor weather here today with sunshine, wind and temp around 70. Might need to carry a jacket while raking hay :-)

    I don't know how to make those neat compact links the way you do Budde but this ad will show you the FWA option I was talking about.

  3. That's the problem with being self-employed - there's always something coming up that requires money.

  4. I know intimately what you mean about that 2-135 front end. Have you ever seen the front end from a 160 or a 2-180? Waaaaay heavier. The stupid rack and pinion assembly is gone and there are two hurkin' cylinders that work a wishbone affair. I got all fired up to upgrade the 2-135 about 3 years ago, then I couldn't find a donor tractor anywhere. I was calling wreckers clear back to MN and as far north as SK, nobody had one. Certain folks told me it wasn't possible, but I'm sure it could be done by drilling and tapping(2) 5/8" holes in the "bathtub". So I rebuilt the stock setup again. Maybe next time around.

  5. Orin, I've seen it done by adding a helper cylinder that clamped to one of the tie rods. It worked really well. Memory is a bit vague on it as it was in 1984 that I saw it...


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