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Monday, July 12, 2010

I take photos at the beach!

I need a better cell phone camera. I forgot my good digital camera. If only I would have had a good zoom lens!
Here is a photo of my lovely daughter walking on the sand. Note the lady in the background. She is really pretty normal looking and so it is not that funny.

Now check out the photo below...

Now check out the closeup of same background scene. This girl looked amazing in a bikini. She had three distinct fat rolls on her belly. Sort of like the Michelin Man!

And then I saw this chair at GoodWill that I really want. It was only $4.99! It had a massage and heat feature and it also reclined. It was pretty comfortable as well. But, we did not have the pickup! Oh well, that's me, always a bridesmaid!
EDIT: It was suggested that perhaps I should not post photos of folks at the beach who do not want their picture taken. While I may find a fascination with the three distinct fat rolls and find it kind of fascinating in much the same way as one would view a train wreck, it was suggested that my innocent curiosity might be misunderstood as perversion as worst and at best some poor girl's feelings would be hurt. I say it is all in the name of science. So I have placed censor marks over the faces. I hope this will prevent any hard feelings. I'm sure the girl was very nice and it was just a bad pose.


  1. Hey, that's $4.99 saved, 500 pennies earned if you can find one in the parking lot.

  2. The building in the that Mo's, in the Taft district of L.C.? My wife and I really like the Looking Glass Inn across the street. Pretty reasonable rates for what you get. I'm surprised that section of beach isn't more crowded this time of year. That looks like a pretty good place to be. Beats being sleep-deprived and trying to get ready to put combines in the field tomorrow. Going from one of the most fun times of year (cutting) to one of the least enjoyable (threshing) has a way of bringing out the less desirable parts of my personality.

  3. Collieguy, a penny saved is a penny earned, but it was a massage chair! That would have been pretty cool.
    Orin, oh my, I hope that was not you in the bikini! If so my apologies for the photo. Yes it is Mo's we had chowder and fresh bread. Only waited in line for 15 minutes.
    We are still swathing. I am still doing hay. This is not a good year...


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