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Saturday, November 14, 2009

With the Lazy Farmer on Saturday

I've got my usual winter depression. I over slept. It could be that I was laying in bed with Sadie as she read from Mother Westwind's, Whitefoot the Wood Mouse and looking at trucks on Craigslist. I didn't find anything that I could afford...But then I kept on looking long after she went to sleep. I did find a nice Honda Ascot but it is not the v-twin model and instead of looking like a flat-tracker it kind of looks like a girl bike. I may call about it. 50mpg! Probably more reliable than the Triumph.
So, I overslept and now it is after 8 a.m. My dad is at work. He is 90 years old. I'm setting in my easy chair watching Julia Childs and having another cup of coffee.
It is time for our Christmas get together. This is always kind of sad. Once we were a really close family but we never get together anymore. Our wives are not real close. We work. We can never celebrate an event within a week of when it occurs.


  1. Don't remember exactly what you were doing when you fell asleep. Not sure who else was there? Overslept? Sounds like college.

    It ain't lazy, it's recovery.

    Yah, Christmas is kind of strange when you're not in the current kiddie generation. Fondest memories are of being young and ignorant. The anticipation. The cousins. The food. Mostly the grownups and their stories.

  2. The old Christmases were wonderful. I remember the last one at my Grandma's house here at the farm. This was before our family moved out here. I must have been in like first grade cause grandpa was there. There was a fire in the fireplace. The old furnace was going and the house was toasty warm. They had this really old persian style carpet (I think). The old organ in the corner, the old pictures on the wall. The straw yard picture on the living room wall, the old clock on the mantel and the old platform rocker. I still have my present. Uncle T. gave me plastic man. He snaps together from little round plastic pegs.
    That was along time ago...

  3. You are having your Christmas get together before Thanksgiving?

  4. No we are planning it. For some reason we don't do Thanksgiving together and this year we are having wife's relatives so I don't think we are even discussing Thanksgiving...


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