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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The title should be: The Oddball Farmer

So, I went to this AgShow yesterday. I wanted to see the new Great Plains drill my neighbor was telling me about. It turns out to be nothing but a three point 1500 with parallel bar linkage openers (like a corn planter) and no-till coulter mounted right in front of the openers, kind of like corn planter row units. It looks like it would take a pretty big tractor to lift it. They have a tongue setup to make it into a pull type. I would really like to have the series 10 parallel bar openers on on my drill, But it does look like more moving points to wear out.
The Great Plains rep recognized me.
I had to think back to when the New Holland salesman brought him out to see my "new" drill. The NH guy was trying to sell me a stacker which was a total POS. The Great Plains regional rep was just riding along. I sometimes I have a pretty happy group of employees. We are a bit odd. Sometimes we break into song. This is my fault. I have all these old country and rock songs stuck in my head. If someone says something that reminds me of a song sometimes I reply with the words of the song. This is funny if the other person knows the song. Otherwise it is just kind of strange.
So...Some one asked for a hammer and they started singing, "if I had a hammer." The Great Plains fellow was looking at my new drill. Someone who will remain nameless had backed a grain trailer into it the week before and bent the drill box badly.  People really gave me a lot of crap about that.
And then the regional Great Plains guy comes to see it.  And here I am with my two helpers working on a the tractor and baler under a tree. The drill is setting right there as I had a planting job nearby.
And there is singing. The whole thing struck me as memoriable in perhaps a strange way.
He did remember me. I hope it was in a good way... We had quite a discussion about Great plains drills.
What is really funny is that he seems to take me seriously!

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