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Monday, November 16, 2009

Time to send out Bills!

I hate sending out bills. I like getting the money. I hate it when people don't pay and I have to call them. I'm about 85% sure I'm going to get stiffed for $6000. There is no way they can pay based on my view of their farming enterprise... And the fact that the crop will fail. I should have said no when I discovered they were not going to put chemical on after I worked the ground. I was already in $5,000 so what is the point in throwing good money after bad?
I need that money to make the stacker payment. Total custom stacking was 6,000 of the worst bales I've ever stacked. That would be something like $2000 total on a $7,200 payment. Too little too late is our farming motto...
Another fellow owes me $1,500 or so. We traded some work that I didn't need to trade for so I suppose I screwed on that as well. Have another bill where the customer disagrees with my acres. You know I don't make the acres up. I have three (3) acre counters on the drill. I don't think it really matters if I overlapped. The price is the price is the price. If it says it on the counter I planted it. If I used enough seed for an extra 10 acres and I have an extra 10 acres on my counter it doesn't mean I planted extra heavy. It means there were overlaps or the field was not what you think.
This particular field was an absolute pain in the butt. So rough I broke my seat armrest. I planted half in the dark in dust so thick you could not see past the front tyre. So, if I overlapped well then so what. I should have charged you extra for the damage to my tractor. What the #$%^ were you thinking disk ripping it three times anyway. That is not no-till. That is just screwin the pooch... Do you think I really enjoyed planting at 11 p.m. You realize I had to plant at 11 p.m. because your field was so rough I had to go at half my usual speed?
This is the time of year I want to sink into the couch... I need $12,000 for payments. I have $12,000 in the bank. But I also need money to live for a couple more months.
Those bastards that run this country can give trillions to their buddies they could give me $100,000 and I would bother no one...
Bitter much?

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