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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stormy Sunday

My lovely wife has been getting ready for Thanksgiving. She is shampooing the carpets and cleaning like made. She has four sisters and they will all be here. We live in a 35 by 60 foot trailer house, er manufactured home, well it is an kind of upscale and it does have an energy star rating. Plus, the old sprayer is no longer parked right in front of the house. Instead we have a Moline Z and a U. The Z took honors at the Amity Tractor pull so that has to be worth something.
Anyway, so I'm now sitting in my beat up lazy boy listening to my stereo. I finally put it back together after our move. I found an old Mavericks CD that I've had for years. I forgot about the Mavericks. I used to really like Country Western music.  I looked them up on YouTube. I'm listening to, "All you ever do is bring me down." I don't want to get into another rant about what is wrong with the modern (I mean post modern) world.
When I was just out of college I worked on the farm summers and I started listening to country. There used to be an AM station I would get at night. They played all the old stuff. Hank Senior, Lefty Frizzel, George Jones. I can't remember all the bands on FM radio at the time but I remember some good songs on the Juke Boxes of the day.
I saw the Del Lords at the Starry Nite in Portland and they did Johnny 99 and it was incredible. I found a verson of them singing the song on YouTube and it was just not the same. Likewise with Jason and the Scorchers doing Hank Williams, Lost Highway. Click here for the original version.  "Just a deck of cards and a jug a wine and a woman's lie made a life like mine." You don't hear that kind of stuff on the country station now days. Of course now that no one believes in anything you don't have the sin/redemption/sin concept, guy who knows better, dealing with temptation themes. You don't have the migration to the city, the coal mines, the history. You just have dumb asses on meth or hyped up on Stupid... Billy Ray Cyrus was the beginning of the end- now he pimps his daughter.
There is nothing like a live band someplace small. The energy is incredible. Music is something you need to be a part of to enjoy.
So I'm setting in my chair trying to think of stories to tell and listening to the wind and rain hitting the wall. My brother took his family to church.

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