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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My head my really explode this time

We have had four days of nice weather. I have done less than 80 acres. I have four acres left in one field-plus headlands and some skips, a drill full of very nasty oats, all the openers are plugged and it is raining. It is so wet I can't even get to the drill with anything but a 4wd pickup. Four freaking acres, going on 8 by the time I would be done. Oh, and did I point out that the drill was nearly full of oats.
First I had to get a truckload of hay loaded. Four blocks of hay, four blocks of straw. The truck driver showed up two hours early. I got my neighbor to load but then he sent his 40 something female employee to run the squeeze-just to tweak me I am sure. Then Jose shows up the with other squeeze so that made it a full fledged circus. I had four blocks to move in from outside. Of course she thought I should move those myself. I did not disagree as she drives me absolutely nuts. It took me way too long to move them in. In the mean time Philip, the 70-going on 80 year old workacholic who lives next door showed up for some short pieces of angle iron to be cut and drill. Uncle H. who does that sort of thing was getting his backhoe out of some project that would be flooded by the coming rain so I did the project for Philip. The my cousin, who I was supposed to be planting for, showed up to take me to my pickup at his main farm ten miles away. Plus, I had to take the squeeze back at 3 mph, put the seed truck back in the barn, and put a tarp on the crappy hay that was still outside.
I shouldn't have stopped for lunch.
My wife is sick and S. had a soccer game and an awards dessert afterwards. So I filled the drill and started planting.
OF COURSE the GPS wouldn't work and I needed the field map to show that we had planted the crops to fulfill the requirements of the government no-till program.
Have I even mentioned how much I hate Windows? What a idiotic operating system. It doesn't work. I saved the field map from FarmerGPS. But it didn't save. This has NEVER happened to me with a Mac. I tried to open FarmerGPS but in Windows when you click on a program it doesn't always open right away, so then the menu went away while I was clicking and it opened the other gps program which took over the computer. SO I just mashed down the on/off button till the screen went black.
How could Windows become the universal system? The commodore64 had a superior OS. People who claim Windows is the best OS are idiots. There is no way around it. If anyone ever attempts to argue that windows is better than a Mac, I no longer need to argue. I can now just laugh and walk away. Why argue with a moron? You can believe what you want to believe, I just don't care...
Just the same, I hate my tablet computer with a passion. If there was a way to make a less intuitive, difficult to navigate system I'm sure Bill Gates would have funded it...
Which brings us to the issue of youth soccer. What a joke. I picked up S. and her friend at school and took them to the McMinnville soccer park. They wanted to play on the playground and had a good time before the game. The McMinnville team had the typical sports moron parents and coaches.
Somehow the middle-aged ladies of our team had a disagreement with the middle-aged ladies of the other team. Middle-aged ladies have to be the biggest annoying demographic in the universe. Other than middle-aged men with large beer guts and sweat pants who are coaches. Now that is truly the most offensive. Their coach was just such a splendid example of manhood. A protruding belly, an OSU t-shirt, and he yelled a lot. Their team strategy involved much larger girls and a Mexican girl who they claimed did not speak English and thus couldn't understand the ref. But, this girl was able to call various girls on our team fat and stupid in perfectly unaccented English. Oh, yes youth soccer.
Later we had ice cream.
Sadie's friend's mother was quite friendly and seemed to know exactly who I was even though I am sure I had never seen her before. She was nice and I was able to talk to her and avoid any sort of bonding with any of the other kids parents. Any interaction with other parents can only lead to appeals towards volunteerism or social interaction. I try to avoid such things.
I may have to even resort to being grumpy and standoffish...
Next S. has basketball. Two games on Saturdays. Don't parents have lives? Don't kids play games, have hobbies, read books, feed calves, clean chickenhouses, ride bikes, play legos, have paper routes? Why would anyone in their right minds spend a perfectly good Saturday afternoon playing basketball unless it could possibly be a ticket out of poverty and a depressing social situation?
I'm going to have to dig 33.4 bushels of oats out of a grain drill with a five-gallon bucket. I am so not looking forward to that....

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