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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I forgot my funny story!

I had a funny story to  tell last night. But the battery on my little iBook went dead and I was tired and went to sleep. I'm such a lazy fellow that I didn't want to get out of bed and plug in the computer. I have no idea what I was thinking about.
I have someone coming to see if he wants to work for me. He is the son of a neighboring farmer so he knows what he is doing. I'm not sure if he is ready for our farm. Ours is not quite what he is used to. He was selling insurance and just quit or got fired. He hated selling insurance. He was pretty good at it I thought. I bought all my farm insurance from him. Now I am without an agent... It didn't really matter to me that he quit as his insurance guy traded him to another office in a different city.
The insurance buisness can be just one step above a con. If you have ever seen the movie "Matchstick Men" there is a scene where they are on the phone selling waterfilters. I always think of that when I get a call from an insurance guy. My wife sold Banker's Life and Casualty for a while. She would get lists of names to call, often those lists were of elderly people who had just lost a loved one. The company tried to pass it off as doing those folks a service. A service much like that of a vulture who picks the bones of a dead carcass... There were other issues. I think she made the average employment of a year or so. I think insurance companies also gain clients by hiring earnest young people. These people get all their relatives and friends to buy insurance so they are big sellers the first six months. Once they are done with the first big sales then the pain sets in. I think most new insurance agents quit before they have made it two years.
If anyone who reads this is interested in joining an insurance company look at this link to and this one which deals with insurance agents as independant contractors.
There are people who do well working for insurance companies and other legit but sort of high pressure marketing/scam companies like J.J. Keller and associates.
1. Salesmen who have the ability to sell "ice to Eskimos" These guys could sell water filters, cars, tractors, Amway, or whatever can be sold. They do really well selling insurance and soon are at the top of the sales team.
2. People who are completely honest and sincere and believe the not quite true information put out by companies such as Bankers. These people set records their first six months but then crash and burn after a year...(my wife, my friend who just quit.)
3. People who need a buiness and learn to work with the companies. They are not so concerned with making lots of sales as they are taking care of the customers. These people usually have their own small agencies. The Farmer's agent I had before I switched companies was like this. However, they didn't do commercial policies so I was kind of pushing it. I'm going to see if she will take me back.

Enough of my opinions. I must drag myself out the door. There is fertilizer to be spread, balers to clean out, little bits of floordry to vaccum off the floor of the shop.... Money to be made! Perhaps I will be able to read the latest WORTHLESS update on Oregon OSHA standards, which don't even apply to us, which J.J. Kellor and Associates have sent up. If only I could come up with a good informational scam program.

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