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Monday, November 23, 2009

Gertie is getting fired!

I just checked the Gasoline Alley comic strip this morning and it looks like Gertie is getting fired. I'm hoping there is a story twist. However she did us some very poor judgement.
Gertie has been taking care of Walt for something like the past two-three years. Gasoline Alley is sort of in real time. Three years would be a while for a caregiver from my observations from the Rock of Ages rest home where we have services. Walt has Alzheimers (will spell check later, I only think of things to write when I'm in a hurry.) and has to have full time care.
Gertie has found true love with Earl Bird who is a harp playin' smooth talker and has now hit the big time. She took Walt to a concert to see Earl, but she bought the tickets from a scalper and she got thrown out. Walt stayed and hi-jinks insued... Now we are seeing a whole string of missunderdstandings leading to a set up for either her termination or lots of hugs. A cliff hanger as it were...
I am worried about Joel who fell in the grave he was digging on Halloween night. He is in there with kitty. I hope someone finds him. With the weather we are having he could have floated out...
To read Gasoline Alley click on the link on my favorite websites.

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