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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Garbage day

I must make a note to myself, "never move through Amity on Wednesday, that is garbage day."
Garbage cans line the sides of the road over the Amity Hill and through the city of Amity itself. This reduces the effective width of the road considerably. The drive over the hill becomes dodge between mailboxes, cars, and trash cans. I hit one once. It was an unbelievable mess. Household garbage, papers, nasty stuff when flying all over the road. They didn't believe in trash bags. I didn't stop.
Cars do not realize that a 15ft wide drill towed behind a tractor that is 12ft wide can't quite fit between the signs, and the lanes, and the garbage cans.
I try not to make eye contact, seems to just antagonize people.
I did get a break moving through town. I had a straight shot all the way to the stop sign at 99W but for a van and a pickup. The plumbing van was pulling a trailer and it looked like we were going to meet on a really narrow very short bridge. I just pulled over between garbage cans and plotted my slow dash through town.
The fellow in the pickup pulled over about half way through town and waved me on. I did not hesitate. I waved thank you as I went by! Just as I got nearly even with him some one pulled out from a side street. They didn't even look the direction they were turning. I was going right down the center of the street as people sat their trash bins right on the white shoulder line. The fellow's eyes got pretty big when he saw me in his lane. I knew he was going to do it so I did slow down. I saw in my rear view mirror that the idiot attempted to pass the nice fellow who pulled over for me. What a moron...
Here is a photo of my route over the Amity hill.

This is where I was planting early in the week. This is wheat into oat stubble. It worked up pretty good.

This is wheat into annual ryegrass stubble. This may be a challenge as the ryegrass keeps coming back. You can see Mount Hood out my window.


  1. Greetings, Herr Editor. Don't have to troll with farm equipment to find selfish, stupid drivers. There is an increasing lack of respect, iritablity and disregard for the laws of physics out there.

    Hey, when did the rate this post thing happen? Would Mencken or Twain care? You could probably consider the 'offensive' tags some measure of success. Sometimes I'll punch the 'next blog' button after checking in here and on a rare occasion when I got to a site posted in English, it was a commercial realtor's post, a couple of babes in partnership all chatty about their nearly perfect husbands and gardens and by the way can we find you a house. Had the rate-our-post deal, but omitted the 'offensive' check box. Wimps.

    Thedailystrumpet commentors/ratingistas should be required to prove they can work in more or less considered English for their reactions to carry any validity. Empty check boxes invite drive-by sniping. Unless the original posting was in total: "Garbage day in Amity. Offensive."

    But then, nobody but the few, the fearless, the loquacious were writing. Guess we're living in a check box world.

  2. Well, Mr. Collie Guy,
    I've been "outed" a couple times recently and once I got past that whole, "your going to offend somebody" thing that killed the Daily Strumpet I kind of got into a writing mode.
    Then I noticed the page hit meter going up. I have no idea what drives traffic to this site. I was hoping to get some sort of reaction. Any sort of reaction. Writing a blog is much like talking to yourself. I don't really mind the drive by clickers. I would love it if they would leave offended comments. Is it content or lack of proofreading that bugs people? Who knows. Guess I won't worry about it. Have been thinking of a print edition. Perhaps something really funny will happen out here that would warrant a Daily Strumpet special edition. Uncle Ted wants one!

  3. So, what is the vertical post on the radiator cap? Or is that the fuel tank? I lost track of design about 1964. That tractor needs a hood ornament. Maybe S. could design them, you could rotate them onto a fixed mount. Theme d'jour. Cool art project, liven up the windshield shots. I propose Darth Vader with a bale hook.

  4. The hood ornament looks like a gun sight. I think it is supposed to be for guidance. Someone at White thought it up. It actually works. I line up myself, the hood ornament and get two natural features in line down the field and use it to drive straight. Never use cows, or wandering geese, or airplanes as you land will not be straight.
    S. and I have been playing "Bridge." We got a box of games from a basement in Dundee. S. loves this game. We have also been trying to put together a rocket launch pad. I think something is missing...

  5. The photo doesn't really do justice to the closeness of the garbage cans. That was what it was supposed to detail.


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