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Monday, November 2, 2009

Dry weather and sunshine but everythig still went wrong

First my wife forgot her phone and was in school all day, so I took that to her. I'm planting sort of near her school. I figured it was going to be one of those days when I dropped my full cup of coffee in the parking lot. I got to the planter and filled the tractor with diesel. Cousin called and his flow meter was not working. He was spraying the next field I'm going to plant. So I took him my book. A neighbor came over to chat. He told a story about the local BTO's Mexican's going to sleep with the auto-steer turned on and driving the monster 4wd and a disk ripper through the local nursery. He may have made this story up. Sounded good however. I got back to fill the drill and first of all the belt broke on the fertilizer tank that is full of wheat. The last drill fill up of course. So I had to go to co-op and get new belt. They did tighten it when the farmer went to get seed on Friday. Tightening a belt which has started running upside down is kind of pointless.
Then I turned on the GPS which I really needed as the drill was not leaving tracks in the field and I had no idea where I was going. I upgraded the memory on my Fujitsu st4120 tablet computer on Sunday. It then wanted my COA number for WindowsXP. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Windows? So I looked around for a stolen COA online. I found a couple but the didn't work. Then I tried the right one again and it worked. I really didn't try out the tablet as it is Windows and is kind of a pain in the arse to use.
Side note: I have an Apple Newton and an Apple eMate. Both are so old I really can't use them anymore. BUT-the reason I stopped was due to the companies decision to not support them, not because they were crap or hard to use. The handwriting recognition was not so much better than windowsXP tablet edition, it was just way more intuitive and well, it worked.
I've go this tablet that sold for like $2500 new. (I paid $100) and it doesn't even have a screen brightness control. You have to do a strange keystroke combination with the little buttons that don't really do anything on the front of the tablet. It is totally idiotic.
So, anyay... When I started up FarmerGPS it told me I needed a new security code. I then tried another free GPS program which connected but wouldn't show the tractor moving. While fooling with this program I came to a corner. I did not see the corner quite quick enough and turned to short. This dragged the drill sideways and I busted a no-till coulter.
So I went home.
I stole a no-till opener off the corn planter.
I fixed myself a steak sandwich (very tasty) and I found my trusty old Fujitsu 3400. It took like five minutes to startup but when it did it worked like a champ.
I really needed it. I could not see a thing. No drill tracks at all.
Then, shortly after dark I ran out of seed.
According to my acre counter I have one acre left. I need to get 130lbs of wheat to complete the job.
Ah, yes-tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Wow, that is some day for sure. Hopefully, things will go better for you today.


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