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Friday, May 8, 2009

Dad and his iBook

My dad is 90 years old. He says he is retired. He spends his days organizing his stuff into a database using his iBook- (non-productive and kind of strange) and selling moisture testers. Seems to do pretty well with the moisture testers. Sells Delmhorst and Farmex hay testers and also baler stroke counters, dew alarms, soil moisture, compaction meters and also soil and compost thermometers. Even has a website
I am processing some photos I took for him. I should be working on the White but Dad has a hard time waiting for his photos. He likes to cut and paste together catalogues using the office photocopier. I often wonder what people think when they get his flyers and brochures. I'm hoping they think, "this guy grew up with horses and he is using a computer and has a website-WOW!" 
Sometimes I get a little annoyed when I have to show him how to print for the 10th time this week. Still, I realize he is only here for a few more years and I better pay attention to him while I can. And secondly-This guy is NINETY years old and using an iBook. I guess he is entitled to forget how to print a couple times  per day...

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  1. The hat (very cool), the coat, the array of gadgets say 'here is a guy who could solve a mystery'. Or write the script.

    Even if you're given another ten years with him it will seem like a minute when it's gone. Never too late to ask the questions, hear the stories again. The details carry weight differently than they did when you heard them at twenty and thirty; and how else to carry to your daughter a sense of who her grandfather was at eighteen, and what the world he thought he was going to be living in looked like?


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