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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The modern world and the Flight 93 memorial

I took Mr. Winkle's advice and wrote a letter of protest.
I'm not sure why this annoyed me, but the people behind the Flight 93 memorial have got the National Park Service to condemn private property for the memorial.
The Bureaucracy has swallowed another private sector triumph (stopping Flight 93) and has gone on to consume more private individuals (or their property). Read articles here and here. Also, here.
The response is directly below, my email is below response... I would say I got what I expected!

Subject: RE: new memorial
Date: May 12, 2009 7:10:35 AM PDT

Thank you for your email regarding the Flight 93 National Memorial.

As you may know, the goal of the Flight 93 National Memorial is to honor the 40 Heroes on board Flight 93 and protect the sacred ground on which they perished. The completion of the memorial will fulfill both the federal legislation authorizing it, as well as our national promise to the families of Flight 93 that the courage and sacrifice of their loved ones will never be forgotten.

While the temporary memorial that currently overlooks the crash site is powerful in its simplicity, a permanent memorial is necessary to accommodate sustained visitor traffic and provide the public with educational opportunities and greater access to the park's resources. Because the 40 Heroes of Flight 93 were successful in choosing a sparsely populated location over which to launch their counterattack, the crash site sits in a remote location, requiring an expanse of land merely to provide adequate visitor access.

In order to stay on schedule to dedicate the memorial on the tenth anniversary of September 11, the land must now be acquired by condemnation. This does not mean, however, that the landowners will not be compensated for their land. They will be paid fairly and based on proper appraisals. It is also important to note that donations to the Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign are not used for land acquisition, but for the actual construction of the memorial.

The task of building a permanent national memorial is complex, and we appreciate your interest in the process. We will continue to raise funds for the memorial with the 40 Heroes in mind every step of the way, and we hope that the result is a beautiful public memorial that all Americans will be proud to visit.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 10:53 AM
To: Flight 93. Memorial
Subject: new memorial

Just read a newspaper article about this memorial. How fitting.
Regular folks worked together to overcome hijackers and stop an
attack on the US. So the parks department fools around for 10 years
and then at the last minute decides to condemn the land of regular
folks to build a memorial to the other regular folks who died. I'm so
happy to see my tax dollars at work.
I really enjoyed the fellow who stated that he was going to GIVE the
land to the memorial and then he finds out it is going to be condemned.

Budd E. Shepherd

So I have a couple questions: Why 200o acres?

This whole event has less to do with Flight 93 than it does in describing the character of the US government.
You can draw your own conclusions.
I would say that taking the land totally detracts from the actions of the passengers on Flight 93. They didn't over power the nutcase Muslims on at that plane to take land from a Lutheran minister, they did it to prevent a catastrophic loss of life, to defeat an enemy of the PEOPLE of the USA, to preserve our indepandant way of life, cause they knew they were going to die anyway, because they thought they might win. Because they are Americans and that means BEING IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN DESTINY. I guess now it is about the triumph of Bureaucracy over the rights of the individual. Glad we had this object lesson...

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