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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain and repairs

The sun came out briefly today. I discovered lakes in our newly planted fields. Now I know how folks in the midwest feel!
First picture is from last week when we were planting triticale. Seed company said it needed to be irrigated. Didn't say exactly when it needed it...
Worked on 2-135 today. Fixed an oil leak and managed to make a huge mess doing it. I didn't get the buckets changed fast enough. What a mess.
Last photo is of the $275 sensor for the digital tach on the White 2-135. I find it unbelievable that AGCO charges $275 for a fairly uncomplicated proximity sensor. I robbed this off a junk combine and really hope it works. BUT-you can buy these things on ebay for $10-$50. To do this I would have to do a little research but I've seen the three wire honeywell sensors like the New Holland balewagons use priced reasonably. I'm betting these sensors are nothing special. They don't use an external magnet so there are a little different. Will have to check this out.
Employee texted me this morning he was not feeling well. He ways 350lbs so I doubt he is every feeling well. I offered to buy him a gym membership to help him lose weight and he declined.
The one thing I fear is becomming pathetic. I don't mind being strange, eccentric, annoying, weird, just not pathetic.
Life goes on.
I sure wish I would have moved my tractor out of the field. Look past the fender on the MM G706. Do you see a White 2-155 MFD with a Great Plains drill? Yup, that is a long walk though ankle deep mud!

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