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Monday, May 11, 2009

Engine swap a success

Finished up engine swap Saturday. Drove tractor a bit today. Seems to run fine. Have not been ablt to pull it due to wet weather. I see it just started raining again.
Spent day working on hydraulics in other White. (2-155) It would not lift the striptiller. Plugged a gauge into the remote and saw it was only putting out 2200 PSI with the compensator on the pump screwed in tight. Called my friendly former White serviceman and he said I needed to shim the relief valve. I found the relief valve, with the help of a book, and took it apart. The shims fell out in may hand. Called around and the correct parts were in Fresno. So, I used a couple grade 8 washers and got it close. Scavenged rest of parts from Minneapolis-Moline G1355. Ouch... One more step closer to the scrap yard.
Put 2-155 back together, not enough pressure, put in 3 more thin shims, too much pressure, took one out, still too much, took one more out. I really don't have a clue what I'm doing.
It will now lift the strip tiller. Will see if they hydraulics get hot when I'm running the hydraulic powered pump on my fertilizer. Wish I were just a tad more mechanically inclined.
Not really sure what I am inclined towards. Often i think it is not farming... Will not get into that subject.
Here is what the tractor looks like back together. Just needs a coat of paint!

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