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Sunday, April 12, 2009


There are a lot of secluded places that you would never see unless you were planting someone's field or trespassing. (Trespassing is ok I'm sure if you are wearing waders and carrying a fishing pole-or you are carrying a shotgun and it is goose season. After all the "great white hunter" is entitled to go anywhere-right?)
Perhaps I should not be so snide, sandals, a beard, and a camera are probably worse. Although I might say they were two sides of the same coin. What's yours is mine as long as it is in your back yard and not mine...
But I digress...
I saw a loon. I know it was a loon although I can't find the exact picture. Here are my photos. Kind of hard to see as I could not get much closer for fear of getting stuck. Makes a pretty freaky sound.
If you would put that noise with a banjo you could certainly start a riot!

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