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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Morning

We are going to a teacher conference. Wife signed us up for 8 a.m. That way I wouldn't have to drive back from some far off field to make it. That was a good idea. Of course I am planting at home today.
We are planting barley. I have no idea if this is a good idea. Yields have been lower on barley than other spring grains, unless we end up planting late. Then it does better than oats as the oat yields drop off rapidly on our ground after the second week in April.
I've been trying to get back home to plant for a week. Of course the day I get home my brother gets called to drive truck. I was trying to figure out where to plant and what fertilizer rate to use, then the seed guy brought out enough clover for 50 acres instead of 15. Big diff. there.
So, should I plant clover and barley together? If so, should I plug off every other opener on the barley so I have wider rows? Should I plant the barley with the Great Plains and come back with the Moline drill and plant the clover at an angle?
What about the fertilizer. I know we are a little low on phosphate but I don't know how much. I don't know where the fertilizer reports are and I never understand how my brother labels the fields.
So, my plan is: Spread 200lbs of 32-0-0-7 with the dry spreader, then run 8 gal of 10-34 in the drill. Will no-till 35 acres, have another 25 in small plots that have been worked. This would be where I would also plant clover.
I may try and get a weed sprout on the worked ground before I plant the barley. Have not decided yet.
The no-till ground is a problem. It was triticale and I'm worried about the tall stubble and the weeds, and that perhaps some triticale will grow and show up in the oats.
I hate decision making.
I'm going to go listen to my Dale Carnegie course, "how to stop worrying and start living." Perhaps that will help.
I really can't ask anyone for advice on barley as I'm the only person I know in this area who has been growing barley. I've had good and bad yields and the only differences seem to be what happens with the weather...


  1. I don't miss teacher conferences as I was always on the other side of the fence! You always saw the people you didn't need to see and never saw the people you didn't need to see unless the child already failed the class! Sweet corn and peas are up, ready to plant!

  2. Hi Ed!
    Have been sticking close to home. Trying to get my planting done. One thing after another conspires to put me behind!


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