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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Planted today

Today was a beautiful day.
The sun was out and while the ground was frozen this morning when I should have been planting, it didn't get sticky enough to shut me down in the afternoon.
I'm planting cayuse oats about an inch deep into fescue sod. Fescue looks to be planted on 12" rows. Not a lot of bare dirt between the rows. It is a tad on the wet side. The Great Plains drill is slicing through the soil, not really crumbling the side walls of the seed trench like it should do. If this were late in the season and it was never going to rain again I would be pretty worried. I think it will be fine. It was nice to get away from the farm and do something to make money.
Daughter was sick today and missed school. Stayed home with her till 10 a.m. She slept in for two hours. Seems fine this evening.

This is a close up view behind the drill. Just making a little slot, dropping the seed in and closing it up. This photo looks good.

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