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Monday, January 12, 2009

For Collieguy

Should you still be watching this blog and wondering why the Studebaker never gets any further down the road. At least now it is parked....


  1. Hey Buddeshepherd,

    Alright!! It’s back! The year and a half frozen view through that Stude windshield reminded me of my childhood. We had the motor of my grandfather’s Model T pickup mounted on about a 6 foot section of the T frame with the original radiator and gas tank all bolted above some steel wheels parked out in the grove. Had a belt pulley on the rear where the drive shaft was sawed off short, they’d used it to run the elevator. Probably would have done dandy on the hammer mill. It no longer fired when I knew it. Brother and I used to sit on that old Ford gas tank and do some serious adventure travel. Flew, sometimes. Loop the loop, crossing oceans and mountains and jungles. The view was always the back side of the chicken house and some trees.

    So what are we looking at now? Is it going to move? Do you have a dashboard hula girl?

    We are reveling in the seasonal glory that is winter in the upper midwest. Twenty below is nature’s cure for mud. The only tractor that will start around here is the MM602. Unfortunately it has a Dexron abuse habit that makes it pretty much useless as a loader tractor, which means that I get to move a lot of snow around with a shovel and walk-behind snowblower. Hey, how’s this rate on the lazy farmer scale; I haven’t even bothered to park it over some snow to see where the cherry juice is going. That would mean I’d have to be out there with wrenches and hammers and stuff. Wind chill minus forty. At least we can use it to pull ourselves out of the drifts.

    I read the Lion’s Paw. 5th grade. Some kind of program where the kiddies forked over their lunch money for an order of paperbacks. Seems like there was an incident where the fugitive egnaps were explaining purchase of paint for the boat as coffin repair.

    Post on,

  2. I suppose we could say that the Studebaker has some sort of representation to my mental state. Perhaps it is my "id" seeking resolution with my "super-ego" with the poor ego that is the Lazy Farmer caught betwixt. Twix are for kids. Or is that Kix, Riz, Chex... I digress.
    The Studebaker represent the freewheeling dreaming aspect of my nature. Long repressed by the confining nature of modern farming. Now it is parked beneath the Taco sign in some dusty California town near Bakersfield, thus allowing my continuation of my escape into old Buck Owens songs and Lone Star beer. Wait, Lone Star is from Texas, so I'm getting my imagery mixed up.
    Look, I forgot where I took the picture. The Stude is still up on blocks in my friends garage, and this place is a swamp.
    And you don't even want to know where I'm setting and writing this comment. We have a wireless network...


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