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Sunday, May 16, 2021

The difference a week makes

Last week I was looking at this!
The Road Really Did go on forever...

 Friday I was looking at this in front of me!

Poa Annua goes on forever...

Last Sunday this was the view out of the Crane Hotsprings!

Dramatic view last Sunday!

This weekend I descended into the bowels of the baler! Somehow the baler got put away without being cleaned and inspected. The top plate under the knotters was broken in four places. Saturday my helper and I took it all apart. This is the view from below. I am also sharpening the knives. We probably should be baling hay.

I think the handle of my hammer has dried out! It was a bit disconcerting when it flew off. 

And no baler repair is successful without injuring yourself. The amount of blood from such a small cut was amazing. 
I was removing a knife bolt with the big air wrench. I was holding the head of the bolt down with my finger. Laying on my back under the baler. The head of the bolt turned in the slot and a sharp sliver of metal sliced my finger. When I felt it happen I had the sinking feeling that I had really injured myself and was going to have to sit in the emergency room at 7 p.m. on a Saturday evening. 
Just a flesh wound. Makes it hard to type with a bandaid on.


  1. I've got a hammer like that too. It hasn't hurt me yet but I never trust it. Baling? There is not even enough grass to run a lawn mower over here.

  2. Hay is not growing but yet it is maturing. About half the yield. One of those years.

  3. Shrapnel. I've noticed that the mechanics (technicians) and my truck dealership all wear some sort of gloves when working on vehicles. Given that they rarely do anything real my suspicion was that the gloves were for exposure to chemicals. Urgent Care avoided is good. Wounds that bleed are good.

    1. I always loose one glove. And as not being a Michael Jackson fan, I tend to forgo glove wearing. I probably should reconsider.


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