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Sunday, April 25, 2021

A selfie and a weather comment

 Life on the farm...

Last weekend I took the dogs for a golf cart ride. They were happy. It was a beautiful day. Today the rain has returned. But not enough.

Enough that I do not want to drive down Highway 18 with a 15foot no-till grain drill all the way to the Casino to plant twenty acres. Casino traffic is the worst. On the way to the casino they are all gamblers so they take chances. On the way back they are angry broke drunks and drive accordingly.

Highway 18 and a truck passing me.

Working late after my groundskeeping job
Beautiful Sunsets in Oregon too bad the state is run by idiots


  1. Rain would be welcome here as our drought continues from last summer. No field work happening yet. You must be near Ed Gosselin that I follow on youtube. He said its raining there too.

    1. It is attempting to rain at this very moment. We need rain. No-tilling heavy clay followed by drought causes the clay to score like concrete. Not so good for the seed!

  2. Moving even small equipment is dangerous.

  3. Classic Lazy Farmer:

    "On the way back they are angry broke drunks and drive accordingly."

    I wasn't drunk, just tired. Fell asleep at the wheel on my way home in the early hours a few days ago. Maddening really, and embarrassing. Woke up in time to see my turn and went for it and took out the road sign at the entrance to my road.

    Next day I am at the offices of the local authority confessing to the destruction of public property. 'let's take a look at it' they said. So we did.

    Got back to their offices and they said that they had never had anyone walk in and confess to knocking one of their signs down. Instead of fining me and seizing my car until the fine was paid, they said I should just sign a declaration stating I would have the sign replaced within 24 hours and so long as I did, they would forget it.

    No cost to the taxpayer, the culprit pays for everything without even bothering his insurer.

    If this accident had occured in UK (I cannnot speak about America, a country with which I have limited experience), I would be in court, and the local council would have insisted that the sign was worth a million dollars and everyone's insurance premiums would have edged up a notch.

    Marcia, the long time girlfriend and mother of my children reckons I drive too fast. What does she know, she doesn't even have a driver's licence and one day she's going to get caught. But, to be fair, she doesn't chop down sign posts.

    Covid has blown all social interaction to ratshit but Dominic, my eldest boy, has this evening discovered on social media, whatever that is but he assures me it is legit, a race meeting tomorrow starting at ten where we can stuff our cars down the road until the police tell us to stop, presumably when they decide we have knocked too many sign posts down.

  4. Hi Hippo,
    One late night I was heading home with a hay stacking machine not realizing there was a hydraulic system leak. Just as I turned off the main road onto my road the hydraulic system ran out of oil. I suspect it was the turn I made at perhaps I little over speed as I was half asleep.
    I was committed to my turn and no steering and no brakes. I took out the stop sign and was headed for the black berry bushes when the pump picked up enough oil for the steering to come back. I slunk back home and tossed my shorts in the trash can.
    I never said a word and no one matched the red paint on the broken sign with the serious dent in the front of the stacker. See, you are an honest bloke and I am a scoundrel!
    I am not in favor of social media but enjoy destructive driving.
    Nice to hear from you again!


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