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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday plans


This is what I will be doing after Church today. 

I am No-tilling radish seed. The radish will be used for covercrop.

I am planting on a compound slope. The GPS doesn't work correctly for this. I should have spent an extra $500 for tilt compensation when I bought my antenna. The antenna thinks the roof of the tractor is ground level so when you are on a long hillside it offsets you a foot one direction and overlaps a foot the other direction. If you have a compound slope it just gets weird. The antenna has "look ahead" software but that assumes the field is mostly level.

Also, I think my GPS company is calling it quits. 

I probably should never have gone to work at the college.

I tried joining a "Regenerative Agriculture" facebook page. Bunch of f...g Democrats. (not that there is anything wrong with that) The ideology there is strong. I joined because there is going to be a lot of money dumped into this sort of thing in the future. But it is mostly emotion and anti-plowing activists. I may do a project making fertilizer pellets using wool, alfalfa, and a weird secret organic ingredient. It will be fun because of the science but I suspect I will not like the people I will be working for. 

I miss The New Farm Magazine

I miss the Easter Sunday's of my youth. Mostly Mom making ham and mashed potatoes. 

Have a happy day...

Edit: Yesterday I attended the memorial service for my Aunt. She was the last of the old generation. When I was little she was a little hard to get along with. Somewhere over the years she became nice. I think it had to do with her dementia. She was really sweet in her final years. My wife said it will be the opposite for me. I once was nice, but then I got grumpy... Small Children and dogs still like me so I guess all is well...


  1. Tell your wife that maybe the problem isn't you! (If you dare.) - lol

  2. Radish as a cover crop sounds good. The farm next door seem to spray everything off then plough it in anyway - which makes me wonder why they spray it anyway! Funny thing is I put a picture of the kids watching the plough and the anti ploughing lobby starts to comment on twitter (I hadn't mentioned the sprays, just the smell of the earth and diesel fumes reminded me of working ground for my dad as a teenager). Things have to move on from ploughing but people also need to remember it fed us for a few thousand years.
    Hope you're well.

    1. You have great kids! Enjoy watching them grow up! I agree with you on farming!

  3. Everything has its place. In the 21st century we have access to so much information I don’t see why we can’t use it all. Why can’t a farmer minimize plowing and chemical and use crop rotations and make his own compost tea and mulch and just try to do a good job?

  4. Anti plowing lobbies? And the "greenies" don't want us to spray. They don't seem to realize that we either plow or spray if we are going to grow crops on the land.

  5. I believe Democrats and Republicans suck at this point in time. If you want to be really annoyed look at this entitled (Daddy started it) IA farmer. I can't stand to watch him but like to share my annoyance.


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