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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why I became a groundskeeper reason number 25 or I take three days off work don't go to England so I can chop silage and the neighbor hires someone else at The last minute

Well my entire blog post was in the title so I have nothing really more to say.
I'm going to take my two days off to plant our own crops which always get neglected in favor of helping other people. So far doing work for other people has given us worn out equipment and we have neglected our own crops. If we don't go broke this year I'm kind of thinking about stopping the whole work for your neighbor program. They don't appreciate you anyway.
So screw em.
Used New Holland silage chopper with three row corn head and wide grass pick up is going to go on craigslist this afternoon...
Your blog this morning was angrily brought to you by apples wonderful speech to text program on the iPhone.
Largely unedited.


  1. I sawed a lumber order out one time, only to discover the guy had gotten impatient (I'd TOLD him it would be a couple weeks) and bought his lumber elsewhere and never told me. So, of course, I had a big pile of lumber with no customer for it. That's part of what caused me to quit taking orders. People are jerks.

    1. I took time off work, spent a lot of money rebuilding a tractor, didn't go to England with my family, spent a week getting ready working in the dark after my job, and there is no way to make up the lost income. I'm flat screwed...

  2. Speech to text. Maybe one of these days I'll have a modern phone that will do that. Sometimes I get great blog ideas out in the field but forget it by the time I get near the laptop.


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