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Monday, September 5, 2016

Blah, blah, blah...

Gene Logsdon died...

I've been feeling my age... Not to sound too much like a whiner but the truth is that this blog is one long running whine...

In a few more days I will be a deck.

I went to MuddyValley's brother's party yesterday. Folks seemed a bit older.

On the other hand I posted a photo of my Triumph on a Triumph owner's group on Facebook and I got 74 likes and counting.
So I got some validation. Ain't that what Facebook is about?

I've had a lot of comments to add to this blog but I mostly forget them by the time I sit down to write.

I know it was coming but Gene Logsdon was writing hero of mine. So I will take a moment and remember Ed Winkle, Frank James, and Gene Logsdon. Then I shall go find the cover crop disk and a tractor and disk up some ground that will probably yield half of what it should and move one step closer to loosing the whole damn dern farm...

Also, what ever happened to that guy from Africa? Now he was NOT a whiner. He is probably getting something done somewhere... Wonder if I still haves his email address.

Perhaps I'll throw in some random pictures. Everyone loves photos!

Could I pull this with my 2-155 white? How do I tell if they are 16" or 18" bottoms? I don't think I can pull 6-18" inch bottom in Whapato soil.


  1. Raining here. Harvest on hold. Is that the Studebaker dash and is it on the road? Waiting for the video now. I don't know how many plows your White would handle as we don't have them here. Plows.

    1. Have been driving the Stude. Will have to take a video. Thinking of driving it to work.

  2. Here in Ont we pull 5 16" bottoms in clay soil with our 155.
    Level ground is easy, hills are interesting.

    1. I just found an Oliver with five 18's. We shall see how this works.

  3. It's always good to hear from you, Budd; that way we know you're still above the sod. We don't see the square bales around here anymore. They're too labor intensive and no-one will pitch hay for love nor money. Well, maybe love, as in sex, but I''m just not that kind of a guy.

  4. There you go letting the bales touch the ground again. They do the same here in Missery, but they don't use the balewagons like you do out there (or that I used in W Kansas); Yep, they pick them up by hand......Coming from the land where we know what a hayrack and the hitch on the back of the baler is for, that is the dumbest thing to see during the summer. Always enjoy your posts....back to mowing/bushhogging 50acres of grass.

    1. Hand loading is a lot of work! Everyone is going to big bales here. I think the three-tie bale is going to be a thing of the past.


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