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Saturday, September 10, 2016


I plowed today.
I forgot the radio was on when I took the video
I also forgot how to plow.
I laid out the lands after dark using GPS. I went 100 feet instead of doing the first land at 100 and the rest at 200.
My helper took over this morning and seems to have figured out how to fix the problem.
I took the suction tube from the filter to the hydraulic pump out five times attempting to fix a hydraulic leak on the number two 2-155. I welded up the wear grooves on the tube with the wire feed welder and sanded it downs smooth. 
Then the other end started leaking.
I put bigger o-rings in. It seems to have stopped.
I hooked up the Melroe 911 plow with AC bottoms to help plow. It would not go in the ground.
I went back home and attempted to grade the driveway with the only tractor that worked and had three point. The number two White 2-155 with duals. It was dark and the three point is a little jumpy for grader work. Several shrubs died in the process.


  1. I thought you'd given up plowing for lent!

    1. I'm trying to get the organic matter worked into the soil. And to get rid of weeds. I thought I had given up plowing!

  2. Good to see dust for a change. Looks like the White handles the plow just fine.

    1. The ground is unbelievably hard to plow. Im pulling 5-18's at 3 mph! But, we are also plowing as deep as we can.
      The melroe pull plow pulled fine at shallow depth but when I hit the previous plow layer it would either pop out of the ground or make the tractor hop.
      This group has been in annual ryegrass for years. Have been no-tilling for two years and disking the third year. It shouldn't be compacted.

  3. Can't believe how dry that is with all the dust. I can honestly say it's never like that here, it always just turns over and is moist on the underside.

    1. Oregon has the reputation for being quite wet. However, summers are very dry. There has been very little rainfall this summer and the ground is dry and hard


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