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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Since this blog is mostly about my stress level

Or perhaps I should say, whine level....
I am now further behind.
I got to the field last night and there were three flat tires on the stacker.
I went to sleep mowing yesterday and The street sign with the mower so hard I almost knocked it out of the ground.
I propped it up, I'm going to blame it on Student drivers.
I'm almost positive no one saw me.
I'm betting that today will be a wonderful day.
Please tell me if you can see what is been mowed and what is not.
Because I can't really tell and I'm the one mowing it.


  1. I can't tell. Looks like a make work project to me. I leave mine til I can see a difference. I need to do a blog post but everything around me is in fast forward while I am standing still trying to get ahead.

  2. As long as they hear the engine running, they'll probably be happy.

  3. The Tesla mower steers itself and would have avoided the sing were you awake or asleep. The Tesla stacker will not be available for a while.

  4. There seems to be a line from mid picture left to upper picture right. They are having you mow too short.

  5. Yeah, I can't see a difference. Might have to put on your music and just drive around...


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