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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Flat tires and more

The day before yesterday arrived at the field to find three flat tires on the stacker.
When I arrived yesterday the people I am stacking for at the offending tires repaired and mounted on the stacker.
I did some minor repairs and then got Lulu started baling.
I came back to the stacker picked up one load and broke a hydraulic cylinder.
I took it home and came back.
Lulu is listening to books on MP3 and wanted to work late.
I was picking up the last few bales of the day when I hit a rut and heard a loud pop.
It took me a little while to discover that the bolts holding the steering gearbox on had broken.
When I got to our Strawfield I discovered that Lulu had 2000 bales on the counter. She worked past 11 o'clock and seemed a bit tired.
The news is predicting rain on Sunday. I'm taking today off from grounds keeping.


  1. 3 flat tires at once? I'd suspect vandalism. Maybe you have a competitor in the hay baling and stacking business?

  2. Nice contribution from your daughter. My son would have considered the work not worthy of his time. My daughter would have worked for a while but then gravitated to finding out how fast it would go.

    1. I suspect they would also do well. It is pretty hard to find a job when you are 15. If you decide you need money you have motivation!

  3. Man I would trade my son for a daughter who can bale hay.

  4. Reminds me of the tractor my dad used for construction. It seemed like something was always breaking. I guess it is kind of like our government.

    Grace and peace.


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