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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Morning

I've had these song lyrics stuck in the my head.
"i wish it was Sunday morning/Saturday night's sure looking bad"
I knew it was a Waylon Jennings song
and it went with the other lyrics that have been bugging me.
"Down a dusty dixie road/My old levi's draggin' tracks."
Found the rest of the song by doing a search on Google.
I didn't realize how many albums Waylon put out.
After finding the rest of the lyrics I remembered why I liked the song or perhaps
why it was stuck in my head for a week.
Monday it is back to doing hay.
My brother has been swathing annual ryegrass all night.
This whole hay thing sometimes gets a bit frustrating.
Had a schedule all planned and now I'm off again.
Flat tire on the rake yesterday, safety latch on the baler plunger broke.
Have 800 bales to stack for the neighbor.
Have hay to mow Monday but I also need to rake and bale.
Just have me and B. to do the work.
Using the 2-135 on both the rake and baler so it is hard to do both at the same time.
Perhaps I'll have a relaxing Sunday and fell like starting fresh Monday.


  1. Note: have problems with text being cut off with this post. Not sure problem but don't have to time fix it now.

  2. Font weird, spacing wide, words cut off. Looks like the thought balloon in a cartoon of a guy with short sleep and a couple of hay crops on his hands...


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