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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can't weld

The mower broke today. This of course puts me even further behind. I did repair it, I think. The mount for the hydraulic cylinder that swivels the mower from side to side broke. It is a center pivot hesston 1430 disk mower. The cylinder positions the mower behind the tractor. You can cut on either side of the tractor and also use the swivel to make sharp corners.
Anyway, the cylinder broke off the tongue. It is like one inch thick steel which would only be welded from the top. We ground a deep vee in the offending chunks of metal and I welded. Took me about two hours in the hot sun. My back hurt so bad I had to lay down on the ground. Was welding bent over and concentrating on what I was doing.
I was able to warp it pretty good. Thought I could keep it cool on one side so it would warp back. That didn't work... Hooked up a water sprayer to cool the bottom. Didn't burn up Muddy valley either so all was not lost.
Photos are in reverse order. It is 12 at night and I'm going to bed...
Baled and stacked a semi truck load (set of doubles) since 6 p.m. So all was not lost. Mower seems to work fine.

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