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Thursday, June 16, 2016

I have an 80 percent higher risk

Of dying from prostate cancer because I eat two eggs a day.
MuddyValley harshed my mellow yesterday by telling me eggs increased my risk of prostate cancer.
I was going to suggest that it depended on which end you inserted the eggs but desisted.
One of the work study students asked me yesterday if carrying that heavy load ever got me down, that heavy load I carry because I'm so full of shit.
I had it coming. She had been gushing about the magic of water. This brought on several comments from other students groundskeepers.
Like, you got the wrong plate of brownies sister, and then someone brought up fluoride and someone else pointed out that fluoride makes you gay and much hilarity followed.
But I digress...
Popular nutritional research that increase your risk of colon and/or prostate cancer.
I found one person that disagrees.


  1. Warning: living can be hazardous to your health and result in death. Enjoy the ride. We don't know when it will end.

  2. Salt, red meat, eggs, global warming, whatever you like, the list goes on. Scientists need something to throw out to keep you scared. Trust them, give them more money. They will find a way to keep you safe.

    Grace and peace.

    1. This was gleaned from a study of 100,000 Adventists paid for with our taxes. The winners in the lack of cancer and clogged arteries lottery ate the most plant based food & little or no animal based foods. The goal of this study is not to scare people, but to make them healthier. I am a born skeptic, but it seems these people have something going for them.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. if that's the case I'm screwed. We eat a lot of eggs around here at the moment. Too many chickens and we don;t want to waste anything they lay.
    Also eating a lot of beef due to getting some at the right price.
    Maybe I'll die of gout.

  4. Once you hit 50 your percentage likelihood of prostate cancer is equal to your age. My doctor just commented that I had a slightly enlarged prostate and then added either "so what" or "big deal." Most often something else will get you. Currently my focus is gall bladder sludge. You likely have that, too.


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