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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And the Marxist Dictator Appreciation Tour 2016 Continues, Oppress Dissidents Now Dudes!!!

Our dear leader to a brief respite from Cuban Baseball and getting human rights lectures from the Castro Brothers to make a statement about Brussels and the religion of peace.
I support the religion of Peas, as long as mashed potatoes and gravy are included. Oh, and a nice roast beef. Like Mom used to make.
I would also take a nice Southern Fried Chicken dinner like my Grandma used to make. The skin would be a little crisp on the bottom from the cast iron skillet and there would be a hunk of bacon in the green beans. The peas might have a few small onions in them and there would be a little butter on top. Oh my...
But, I digress...
I was on the subject of Tip Pan Dictators or is it Tin Horn Dictators. I was hoping for a speech, "I'm visiting my mentors..." but no such luck. I'm sure Our Dear Leader will return from Argentina with a lot of awesome new ideas for screwing the non gubment workers.
Perhaps next on the tour will be Kim Choo Chee Chee and Ayatollah Whatshisnameieeeee.
Speaking of Aging Marxists, Hilary had a good speech. She pointed out that Muslims are suicide bombers and they should report those who are. This is an awesome plan which will allow our brave comrades in the FBI to recruit them to make almost real bombs and then spectacularly arrest them just before the blast, or shortly after the blast depending on the agent in charge's vacation schedule and what new draconian laws need to be passed.
It is so wonderful to see Tin Horn Democracy in action.
Trump is a horrible racist dude cause he want's to keep out the religion of pee and also perhaps torture them a little (bring out the comfy Chair!!!), but Cruz is alright cause he wants to kill em all...

In other news....
Our community action group met last night. We missed the meeting where we would present our goal statement, our letter, our traffic study, ourselves.
I don't know if the meeting was changed, the dude in charge told our secretary the wrong date, we were just wrong, or what.
The word is that they have given in to most of our demands.
However, this is just stage one and working towards stage two. It doesn't matter what they say now.
Here what I think happened.
We organized, we got the fellow who single-handedly stopped Waste Management (or at least bugged the heck out of them for a decade) to organize us. He gave an impassioned speech for political action, don't back down, hit em hard, at the first meeting.
Our dear neighbors who were at the first meeting to claim to have single handedly managed to double the value of their property by alternating between badgering Yamhill Country and Waste Management and toadying up to them waged war on our behalf whilst we fiddle with traffic studies and our mundane lives, attended the meeting and are working with the county instead of against the county.
I was suspicious when I heard the exact same quote from our neighbor who declined to attend our neighborhood group meetings and now doesn't want to join our group. He rents from both the County and the dear neighbors who work on our behalf.
If I were a conspiracist I would say that the county heard we were organizing, got word from our neighbor who works on our behalf whilst we do nothing, and decided to downplay their plans for expansion which will diffuse our anger and cause us to loose the passion that keeps us organized. They still have phases two and three over the next few years.
The neighbors who kissed ass will of course be rewarded because Gubment works exactly like middle school. The person who rats out everyone else gets out of detention and those who stick together have to miss recess.
The key is to cave at the right time, not to early, and not to late...
(Kind of like the guy driving the Jeep, Note: an obscure reference to recent events which implies the one guy that didn't get arrested was an FBI informant, no one will get it, don't worry...)

Now, I am going to go mow lawns all day long. This has long been a life goal of mine. To BE lawnmower boy! YES! I have found my special purpose in life. (Obscure reference to a 1970's movie which Bernadette Peters played a trumpet)

In conclusion... I am glad I do not have a radio because I'm tired of hearing how we need to give up personal freedoms and basic civil rights so that we can "combat terror" when the answer is so drastically simple... Stop importing Terrorists... However, we cannot depart from our treasured idiotic ideology. Ideology has killed way more people than religion or perhaps the two are the same.
I say we protect ourselves with Flowers. Happiness and flowers will change the hearts of the mean people, no one can blow up a Flower. Except grounds keepers. We cut them down every day. Heck that is the problem with the world. Evil groundskeepers run amuck, in muck boots, I have Boggs, muck boots are evil. Run away!!!!!


  1. On my way to work I heard that our dear leader lectured the Cubans on democracy and freedom of speech. In front of the Castro's. This is great.
    It is also awesome example of social activism. Continuity is important.

  2. Hey, if he can "organize" Chicago, maybe he can "organize" Cuba!

  3. Mowing lawns... its like another world. I just came in from loading grain and pushing snow from yesterday's spring snow storm.
    I like the cars of Cuba and thats all I'm going to say about that.

  4. this is my favorite news site. ever.

  5. Now is a good time to own a Miami car dealership. Sell them new cars & take the trade ins to sell on the classic car market.

  6. You're a hoot.

    Just think: given his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, maybe O will decide to remain in Cuba.


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