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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The one thing they all have in common

I see they arrested the "Armed Protestors," at the Wildlife Refuge.
It was not a routine traffic stop.
Here is a link to the developing story. Or one of them.
A couple observations....
Can you imagine if the Black Lives Matter people, The annoyed white folks, the Oath Keepers, Middle Class Black folks subjected to stop and frisk, people who lose their land to "eminent domain," all got together?
You do realize their "beef" is with one particular group.
But this is what you get when you elect a community organizer as president. You get a divided population and you get anger and special interest groups who hate everyone else.
Read the comments on my Oregonlive link, or this OPB link.
Here's the other thing you must understand.
While we, (meaning those of my social economic and political group) are somewhat annoyed with black gangsters, illegal Mexicans selling drugs, and Portlanders and their bicycles, I rarely meet anyone who hates them. Mostly they want people to stop stealing their personal property and selling drugs and if they meet a person who works hard and is moderately polite they really don't care their skin color. They will even be friends with Democrats. Heck, some of them are Democrats!
The folks in Portland hate us.
This includes your friends and relatives who post condescending crap on Facebook. Read their elation with the conclusion of the Bundy issue. They are glad a white guy was killed.
The FBI and LE may be the devil when it suites the cause but when it's a white guy with a gun getting shot these folks can't hold in their joy.
Get it?
They hate you and me and they will turn you in for having guns or if they think you spilled roundup in the ditch or if they don't like how you discipline your child.
Have you ever read about leftist revolutions in China, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela? You know it is neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend.
Or the American Civil war.
The events in Harney County are important for more reasons than the gubment just got away with stealing land and burning out ranches. You now know who your friends are and you know what your local officials do should you object.


  1. i hear people say the bundys and other ill treated people are terrorists.

    this is said by those who have no idea what terrorism is.

    they are americans trying to get some justice.

    if they succeed there may be hope for the rest of us.
    if they are swept under the rug we know that we are finally doomed.

    people who opine negatively about these men have no understanding of western land and water rights, which are the foundation for ranching.
    these rights are long establishede and are not there to be abrogated by harry reid and other traitors who are using law enforcement as their personal army at our expense, in more ways than one.

  2. There is no leadership and popular culture is against us. Where is a well thought out, preferably nonviolent but effective resistance movement? The left did it. I suppose it is always easier when you have free love and buggery as recruiting to

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hardly any mention of this latest development in news today. In a twitter search I see plenty of comments and most of them against the Bundy group. Its all very confusing no matter how much I read. I better stick to old rusty cars I guess.

  5. The bottom line is that when this nation is so perverse that it twice elects a gay, muslim, socialist as president, we have passed the point of no return. All that's left is for each individual to decide if they're willing to die fighting for lost causes or whether they'll simply go along to get along.

  6. It's curious that they are being charged with "conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats" as conspiracy is a step below actually impeding.

    The highway stop is being described as a "federal probable cause arrest" which suggests the feds did not get an arrest warrant during the three and a half weeks of doing nothing but waiting.

    The armed protest and occupation was a bad idea from the beginning. If you bring a gun to a protest like that, you are giving the officers who will be sent to remove you the excuse to shoot you in self-defense.

    They were also asking for trouble by occupying the refuge buildings. It would have put the officials in a bind if they had instead set up camp nearby. Then they'd have had the argument that they weren't hurting anything.

    Better yet, they could have set up camp in Portland or San Francisco. That would have reminded many of the fun times at the Occupy Wall Street camps - which gets to your point about all the downtrodden getting their heads together.

    It's a sad deal. What I don't think a lot of people understand is that there was no real standoff before the arrests, as the occupiers were free to come and go.

  7. After watching the full video, it is clear that it was 'suicide by cop'. Maybe the fool thought he would live to be a martyr to the cause, or he just didn't care if he died. In any case, it wasn't the FBI that shot him. He was yelling "shoot me" and three times reached below his jacket pretending to pull a gun. The LEO shot him on the third reach. They were all given the opportunity to go home many times after they made their point. I don't think anyone wanted to shoot ant of them. He just wanted to get shot.

    1. I don't think he was reaching for his gun. At first I did, but after watching it a couple times I think he was gesturing. I assume the cops were doing the usual thing of yelling contradicting instructions and he was yelling back.
      I think he would have been a better hero if he would have died with his gun in his hand and as such, I think that if he would have wanted to pull a gun he would have done it. He might as well as, he's dead anyway.

  8. I went back and watched the video again and I think the girl's story is correct. I think he reached down because someone off camera shot him and I think he was shot again on the ground. If you continue watching you can see them open up on the truck which is buried in a snow bank.


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