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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Why the rebel flag had to go

This the 21st century.
There were those of us who viewed the book "1984" as a cautionary tale. There were others who see it as a text book.
The battle flag of Lee's Army has been an inspiration to oppressed people around the world. I was looking up Innes Randolph who wrote  Unreconstructed Rebel and other obscure Southern Poetry.
I was amazed to find people from other countries who looked to the Confederacy as a freedom movement and who were not racist.
The Confederacy and the Rebel Flag is the inspiration for many lost causes. Freedom for Wales, Ireland, Croatia, Freedom From the EU, and just "stickin' it to the man" in general.
There is no place for this in the New World Order.
The flag had to go because it represents the resistance. Bikers where assented in Texas because the mythical "Biker Culture" stands up for "real Americans." Bikers came to the aid of Clive Bundy in his stand off against the US government. Bikers attend "Freedom Rallies," and Bikers were organizing for political action. The "Biker" myth is of a free independent spirit which supports the "Real America."
(Of course the cause is always flawed. Biker gangs are involved in crime and are generally horrible people but that issue only comes up when it is convenient to make them evil. As in when you execute nine of them.)
The flag had to go for the same reason Christians will be forced to support gay love.
It is all about pressure and control. No one in authority gives a rip about gay rights or oppressed black folks. What they care about is your submission and owning your soul.
And now I have other things to do...
I leave you with

Edit: I wrote this in a hurry as I was about to leave for a family reunion. I see that there have been a lot of people viewing this page. I suppose it is too late to come back and clarify anything but I do have one final point to make.
I mentioned the effort to make the five remaining traditional Christians in the USA participate in Gay Love Weddings, I didn't complete my point.
I find it ironic that the flag has to go at the same time the Supreme Court ruled on Gay Love. The decision to extend state marriage licenses to Gay Couples has nothing to do with the 14th Amendment. Marriage Licenses are issued by the States. Most states are issuing the licenses and all states would have sooner or later. The Supreme Court may make strange and random rulings but they rarely miss an opportunity to limit the rights of individual people or individual States.
The Battle Flag of Lee's Army represents the death of the American Revolution and the birth of American Federalism. The birth of all that is wrong with the United States of America. And so, the decision made by justices on the Supreme Court to go with what they see as a popular ideological opinion over a simple decision of throwing it back to the States to decide is another political manipulation much like the ones that gave us the War of Northern Aggression, or Mr. Lincoln's war if you will.
And that is my personal opinion and why I bought me a flag decal and a bumper sticker that say's "Yankee Go Home."


  1. As is often the case, U.S. news events are big in Canadian news as well. The confederate flag has it's supporters at the Craven Country music festival.

  2. That's hitting the nail on the head.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I deleted my comment because of a spelling error and did not want to appear to be a coward that does not speak up.

    I'm sorry if this offends but the flag and the song are history. As that I think they should stand.

    I think you've covered this well. There is always a "bad guy". Which group that bad guy is picked from depends on the chooser and the time of choice.

    1. Actually, the song is pretty offensive. The flag only has meaning which is assigned to it by other people. The song says what the fellow believes. I think people should just get over it. 650,000 lives were lost in a conflict that popular history says was to end slavery. Perhaps it is time to stop being a victim and move forward. Taking down the flag is not going to change anyones life for the better.

  5. The battle flag means defiance! Can't have that in the new world order.

    1. I have avoided the Rebel Flag over the years. I bought the kids the Bonnie Blue and encouraged them to play rebel soldiers but the Battle Flag of Lee's Army has generally my usurped by dumb-asses. However, I feel forced to choose sides. I will gladly side with those "dumb-asses" because the don't want to change my life and because those clever folks who want to take down the battle flag hate me and my personal values and want to say I'm a racist. They may pretend to be nice and apologize for offending you on a personal basis but they do hate you and they think you are stupid. That is the bottom line. It has taken me quite a few years to fully understand this.

  6. "The Confederacy and the Rebel Flag is the inspiration for many lost causes"

    I want a flag for winning. Just saying.

  7. "Not that there's anything wrong with that".

    1. Oops! I forgot the disclaimer. Thanks for reminding me. Although I really have nothing against it I just don't like BEING TOLD I have to accept it. I mean, I did pretty much accept certain things until I was told I had to and then I find myself not being accepting. If you know what I mean...

  8. But despite what the song says most all of those rebels wanted pardons. There's a huge database of pardon applications that's now used for genealogical research. Finally, to cut down on all the paperwork, a general amnesty was passed in 1872.

    1. The song seems to be quite the reactionary response. Much of the defiance of the South seems to come from the problems of the Reconstruction and by events that happened after the hostilities ceased. I wonder if that is what led to continued resistance and to extreme racism that followed.
      The mythology that followed is a very important part of our culture and American character. It must be eradicated as everyone must now think the same.


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