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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The point where I alienate all my law-abiding readers

Ok, so you have a bar brawl with bikers who are supposedly also shooting at each other and no one else but bikers are killed. Lots of head and neck shots.
So, what really happened...
Judging from the slaughter (quite a few injuries) and the fact that a police SWAT team was stationed outside I did a search for "how many bikers were killed by police at a small town in texas."
And I found this article.
Actually the main reason I got suspicious was the police chief saying that "officers felt threatened," which is code for the rookie went nuts and unloaded 16 shots and everyone else fired out of instinct.
Note: I'm not a fan of motorcycle gangs.

Edit- the "gang" massacre in Texas is an interesting and frightening story. 
From doing some reading and from attending swap meets and sort of knowing a few gang members, you have an unlikely mix of hardcore criminal types and regular folks who love motorcycles and beer and leather jackets. You can't tell them apart. (The Trayvon and his hoodie argument)
Bikers tend to not mess with you or provoke cop unless you mess with them OR infringe on their criminal enterprises.
I'd put money on cops seeing what they thought was a gun and going nuts.
That explains the lack of real info, like who shot who and cell phone video.
And, cops feeling threatened is the comman theme in all the protests of police violence all over the country.
Note the spin on this incident, "white people gangs get away with murder."
They got away with 19 to 20 casualties and nine dead.
Who shot who?


  1. Replies
    1. Ha! Here in the US they say you can't help but commit three felonies a day! (It's even the title of a book)

  2. They should have left them alone to cull their own lest than fittest.
    a: I bet no cops were hurt. Yet.
    b: It was a biker bar in Waco, what did they expect?
    c: Twin Peaks chain, announced it was cancelling the Waco restaurant’s franchise agreement.
    I'm sure Hooters is happy to hear about this.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. As a group, I have no use for cops, though there are some decent undividuals. Many are criminals themselves and belong behind bars. Many of those left have a sort of mental attitude that causes me to worry about them carrying firearms.


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