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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A rainy Tuesday

Today it rained all day.
I spent the morning trying to sleep off my whatever illness that makes me cough and feel like crap.
Then I attempted to balance my books.
Our formerly wonderful local bank, First Federal Savings and Loan, has allowed some slick talking IT person to con them into upgrading their computer system.
"For security reasons..."
You used to get statements that were pre-punched to go in a three-ring binder, and online files that could be downloaded in a number of different formats.
Now it is just confusing. An annoying interface with more security but when you add more annoying security features people just make more simple passwords.
What is really funny is that this is all supposed to be more secure. I discovered one check that had my name so badly misspelled as to make me really question how the bank could process it. But, it went though the high-tech scanner thing so I should not complain.
The thing is, they had a great system before. We are at the point where "upgrades" only make things worse.
However, I was able to get my account in order so it was not a wasted day.
I took my daughter to her softball game. Drove there in the rain. Stood in the rain for ten minutes before they decided to call the game. Yeah, big surprise there...
We got home and it quit raining.
I suspect it would have been a better idea not to swath the rest of the clover Sunday. But, no one asked me and if they would have I'd have just agreed with what ever they wanted to do.
I suspect things would go better if the dairy fellow would just tell me what what moisture level he wanted I'd just do it. However, I'm not really asking for the responsibility.


  1. Dang improvements. I will probably end up in an improved rocking chair. Blogger has improved their mobile interface and suddenly I can't access Lazy Farmer comments on my five year old not improved iphone.

  2. Yes, with the improved Google blogger interface I can't read your comment with my one year old iPhone. Nor can I comment on other blogs. Progress.

  3. If it's any consolation the replies don't show up on my Android phone either.

  4. Seems like these "smart phones" are not always so smart. As usual I am still in the past century with my old flip phone. Rainy Wednesday here thank goodness. If it happened yesterday while I was hauling flax it would have been extremely problematic.

  5. Hey Budd E, you run afoul of security settings on this thing? Anybody out there able to see comments on mobile? Surely you don't want only thought out, well reasoned and insightful responses that we give after getting back to our desks?

  6. It is my blog or everyone's blog?
    Other people's blogs that I follow no longer show up on my iPhone and I can't leave comments on other blogs using the blogger app.
    If I go to netscape I can leave comments but the page is too small to read.

  7. Suddenly I am seeing the comments here whilst using mobile device. Ugly green background, but functional. I've not had a problem with other blogs.


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