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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A nice Sunday

I attempted to sleep all day.
My attempt actually failed somewhere about 9 a.m. when I started coughing and just gave up. We had people visiting anyway.
I've had a cough and a sore throat for a week. I thought I would sleep it off.
I didn't.
There was not a big Mother's day celebration.
Lulu and I attempted to get the electric fence to hold in the goats as they had escaped once again.
I actually hooked two fence chargers to the fence at one point. This made it pulse twice as fast.
I made chain collars for the goats.
They still went through the mesh fence.
Finally I soaked them with water and the one goat pushed his head and shoulders into the fence and just kept pushing, flinching with each pulse of the fence.
I need one of those old fencers that is just a lightbulb to drop the current enough so it doesn't kill you.
I watched one goat eat half a poison hemlock plant. I bet you $10 it doesn't kill it.
I have stopped viewing them as interesting little creatures and started viewing them as burritos. One phone call and they are gone.
I could say they were stolen...
Lulu wanted a motorcycle ride so we took a cruise. There is a change in the weather. It got chilly. We were gone two hours. It was fun.
Tomorrow it is back to silage chopping.
It is going to rain and the clover will be too wet.
So it will be back to the 20 year conflict between farmer and dairyman. The farmer trying to get the dairy to take it too wet and the dairy guy coming up with strange ideas on moisture that are based on how much he can push with one scoop of his tractor.
The thing is...
We sell moisture testers for this, but a few years ago I decided that there just was no point in arguing for a moisture test when all I'm doing is running the chopper. I get paid by the ton, not by the phone call.
I should have had the farmer mow on Friday but I was behind due to odd breakdowns and the farmer figured that I would never get to his clover field because I would never get my chopper to work and I just didn't really feel like taking about it.
Perhaps the farmer is right, I don't really want to chop silage anymore. But I really don't want to do anything anymore so I fail to see what difference it makes.
I suppose I should be more positive. A happy positive attitude would cover all sorts of screw ups and I could talk people into what ever I wanted just by having a can-do attitude and using clever speech idioms.
I will work on that tomorrow.
Hammer down!
Now we're cooking!
Hang it to Houston buddy!
I love it!
Rock an Roll!

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