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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Farming a housing development

Two things I avoid with my own farm. 
Ground in multiple locations and housing developments.
I've gotten rid of most of my random little fields and focused on the fields that are not too bad a drive.
I hate checking fields ten miles away.
So at the point where I was ready to get a different job and do no-tilling my spare time....
I'm driving through town to farm a housing development and then farming five miles on the opposit side of our farm.
You can't say no to ground and I'm helping a friend but....
Plus, I prebought all my fertilizer and I did a lot of planting and would fine financially through the summer. Now it's back to poverty.
There has gottabe a better way to live.
And when I worked on the kitchen faucet I knocked the dishwasher drain off and the fake wood floor is curling up and I have to go to the dentist and my new dentist is not my old dentist and global warming is making the grass grow and I still have multiple semi-truck loads of hay and I'm lazy! I don't want to work. I want to switch time streams.
Perhaps I need a different hat, and a flux capacitor but my studebaker won't quite hit 9mph any more...


  1. Farming a housing development is bad for the enviornment. We have enough little houses. We don't need to grow more.

  2. Maybe you could borrow Ralph's Merc.

  3. you are like the rest of us -- aging.
    you need a real vacation.
    of course, vacations take money, and who among us has that?
    God bless you!
    deb h.

    1. But yet some folks toss money around like it was water. $150,000 is nothing for a worthless gubment project but would change my life for years to come...


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