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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So my dentist quit and I broke a tooth

There are dental variants of superglue. It is a rear molar. I hate Obama care and all you democrates that voted for it.
Wonder how much Four Roses to kill the nerve.


  1. that is very sad. i'm so sorry. :-/ i have to go to the dentist also. and thank you for your thoughts on the obamacare. we totally got screwed by it. thanks, Obama.

    1. Obama has provided no real surprise. My resentment is towards my smug neighbor who will argue to his death panel interview that Obama is the One and it is all the fault of the Koch brothers.
      And the other neighbor that voted to give the "black guy a chance," and the idiot Republican Party that can't give us a candidate.

  2. What terrible timing. Your dentist quit and you broke a tooth—that is so annoying! I hope you will be able to find a new dentist to help you fix the problem soon. I’m sorry that Obamacare is making things worse for you; that super sucks. Nonetheless, I really hope you can find some pain reliever and a dentist!


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