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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rain and some art

It is pouring down rain...
My grain drill is a mile down a dirt road sitting in a field of harvested Christmas trees. I did not replace the batteries on the tractor like I was supposed to do and the batteries are on the side away from the road.
Well, I'm not going to move it in the rain anyway. The weather forecast this morning was talking about two inches.
Here is some artwork by my wife. I found it on my computer. She has been challenged by an artist friend on the other side of the country to post her work on facebook.
I think the Lazy Farmer is a better venue...

This work titled "Streams of Copper," shows the fluid stream that is our life. Parallel lines of copper illustrate the essence of our life energy. Alternating patterns embossed in the warm burnished patina of reclaimed vintage copper tubes, along with the vertical parallel visual pattern give hints to our recent understanding that life can be past present and future all that the same time.
The reclaimed materials used in the artistic masterpiece strengthen our understanding of the concept of history building on tradition and becoming the future.
Her use of circles alternating with straight and curved lines pay homage to the circle of life which is continually moving forwards and upwards, the warm earth tones hearken to our previous culture as an agrarian culture but the polished center streams show the strong energy of our present and future...
Now how is that for a five minute review?


  1. that is a fantastic review. good on you!

    1. I should have used bigger words and I did use the same adjective twice. I need to brush up on art terms. Bigger words are always better. Now if someone would just pay her 1.2 million dollars...

  2. Actually not too shabby! Kind of nice. Have you informed her as to what she was portraying yet? :-)

  3. I enjoyed the work from what I assume is a series of "Farm Found Mixed Media." The provided review made me tired (I'm working on taxes and have no patience left). Actually both the artwork and the improvised ball joint were interesting. To really attract followers you need a GoPro camera. Live action of the crash would have been good.


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