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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The view from my cab

Yesterday I planted oats on a hillside where I could see Mt. Rainer Mt. Adams (oops), Mt. Hood, and a little bit of Mt. St. Helens, (I think) It hard to see St. Helens as most of it exploded.
By the time it was dark I could see dust in the headlights.

It was a nice view. If only I were not so lazy. It is supposed to be in the 60's today. Good think my airconditioning works.
Meanwhile, the other side of the country is frozen solid.


  1. I thought the immigrants from the middle Eastern countries had pretty much taken all the cab driving jobs.

    1. Well I'm in upper Slobovia and the Mideastern Cabbies are in Dogpatch and LOWER Slobovia. Thank you very much.

  2. Impressive view. But don't mention AC in this part of the country. I am sitting in the house with cold feet while there is -30 wind chill factor outside.

  3. can confirm. i'm on the other side of the country and it is very very very stupidly cold. boo! enjoy your sunshine. *grumbles*

  4. Similar view of Mt. Ranier from Ft. Lewis, WA, 1969. It was either 1100 or 1300 hours that the flights brought bodies back from Viet Nam.


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