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Thursday, October 30, 2014

I watched the news this morning and have commentary, cause I'm sure everyone cares...

Random thoughts:
What point in US history did Christians lose their sense of humor? I'm going with 1974. I walked into the kitchen in fifth grade and my Mother said the church more uptight than ours was warning about the evils of Halloween. Mom was never real enthused about the holiday, we were not allowed to dress as devils and being a ghost was somewhat frowned on. But, I used to politely extort candy from relatives and neighbors. I think 1974 was the first "harvest" party I heard of. However, if you have a harvest party on Halloween, I think it is still a Halloween party, especially if everyone dresses as farmers. That is one scary occupation...

I opened my web browser and found some interesting stories:
1- The CEO of Apple has announced that he is Gay. So, a less than enthusiastic product launch and slightly slipping stock prices are worrisome enough for the company to play the "undeniable virtue of the oppressed" card? OR is it because he is looking emaciated and he doesn't have cancer?
I've been feeling more and more frustration with my Apple products. Apple puts you in a box, it continually limits your choices while telling you it is giving you freedom. It was once the exact opposite. 
For example: Apple came out with the feature of streaming audio from iTunes though your home wireless network. This came out at a time when no one else had a simple and non-expensive way of accomplishing this. Last night my daughter wanted to listen to her new album which she downloaded to her iPad. I said, well that is no problem, just click on the funny little icon by the play button in iTunes. The funny little button is no longer there. I spent a half hour trying to find it. Then I opened the Amazon Prime music player and there it was, streaming audio through the stereo system.
Being a liberal in the 21st century is being in a box. You pretend to have freedom but you continually limit your choices and everyone else's choices. The most liberal people I know, are also some of the most uptight and rigid people I've met. 
So, the CEO of Apple coming out as gay is just a natural extension of the "inside the liberal box" thinking that defines the company, plus it should help sales on a product that values style over substance. Which also follows the metaphor of the company but we are not allowed to ever dissent from the new true faith.

2-Our local cancer victim doesn't really want to die. Well of course she doesn't, she is not suffering horribly at this very moment. She is having fun and she wants to live and all this drama is giving her a sense of self-worth.

3-The nurse who won't stay in quarantine. US soldiers are in quarantine even though there no examples of soldiers who have down with Ebola and are not touching supposedly not touching Ebola people anyway, but Doctor's Without Borders are exempt from quarantine even though several of them have actually contracted the disease after returning to the USA. Well, they do know more than we do... (Granted, treating passengers like criminals when they don't pass being scanned with a BBQ thermometer is also insane)  Granted, the nurse was going on a bike ride which is like going to church to the modern day moron...

4. Roman Polanski arrested, Really?? How about Neil Goldschmidt? Or Sam Adams????

5. Amelia Earhart's plane found. Yes a treasure hunter is again out of money and it made our local TV news show.

6. If you are a moderately attractive woman and walk around for ten hours looking unhappy does it increase or decrease the rate of sexual harassment? If you look happy are you more harassed? If someone says "hello beautiful, have a nice day?" are you harassed? If you are ugly and someone says, "hello beautiful, have a nice day?" is that also harassment?  I found the video somewhat amusing because she looked like such a stuck up sourpuss, (now that was sexist and I know it)
For example, I found people to be very friendly in Florida. Guys would often say hello to my wife because she was happy and cheerful, or at least that is what I thought. Likewise I would say "hello" and open the door for women who acknowledged me and often said hello and I had no desire to see most of them naked. This also happens in Portland. People seem to be generally friendly us. Especially with my wife who is usually quite happy when we are somewhere on an adventure. I must say I am slightly confused...

7. What do I do with 6,000lbs of slightly damp flax seed? It was going to rain and we combined it with too much moisture. Some of it is clumping and starting to mold. I could find someone with a cement floor and spread it out but I don't want to annoy my neighbors. I think I will put it in the mixer and circulate it for a couple hours and then auger it back into a truck. I could mix it with another 6,000lbs of dry flax seed but I'm afraid it will spoil the other flax. I could mix it 50/50 with barley I suppose but then that screws up my feed ratio's. Hmmmmm....
 I am confused. 


  1. Sounds like we have the same news in Canada. Or else we read the same news pages. DAmp flax is a big problem. I harvested maybe 700 bushels that is one point above dry and I am hoping it will store safe til I can sell it within the next month. Got the aeration fan going cooling it down. You likely don't have any 32 degree air down there to blow into the bin though.

  2. You could hand out small bags of damp flax seed for Halloween. I wonder if Kaci the Wickedly Cute Bicycling Ebola Nurse will get any trick-or-treaters. I don't as in the city the kids can only knock on the parentally approved doors.

    I was thinking of putting a large bowl on my porch with a sign that says "Ebola Candy Quarantine - leave all your candy in bowl and get off my porch." Not funny?

    Apple has ruined iTunes, much as Microsoft has ruined Windows, by moving many of the useful features to hidden places where you can't find them.

  3. maybe you need to check your privilege, sir:

    also i'm not a big halloweenie. mostly i just find it annoying. i usually dress up a slightly grumpy farmer and pig hater.


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