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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Stars don't care

My wife bought me a CD last year I think. Anyway, songs by James Low Western Project appeared magically in my computer, along with the James Bell album I actually bought and a Vern Gosden album I also have no recollection of purchasing. Perhaps iTunes is just messing with my head by randomly sending me music, I have no idea.
So I've been listening to a combination of Vintage Soul music, 90's country western, Hipster country western (didn't even know that was a genre) and one track by the Humans (late 70's surf-punk) No wonder I get confused. Conflicting musical styles on iTunes must lead to cognitive dissonance or at least mild flatulence. I have no idea what those terms mean I just like big words.
Anyway, the stars don't care, they shine on Texas, Portland, and Paris and our petty little lives don't affect the winds of fate. Really needed to hear that repeated to me 50 times this afternoon but my hands were greasy and I didn't want to mess up the track pad on the old iBook, plus if I bump it then I lose my internet connection and what if I want to access porn the Great Plains website in the shop?


  1. "Whiskey Farmer," eh? Can you no-till that stuff?

    1. I think it leads to no tilling. Mostly not working and sitting in the rocking chair listening to music from the previous century. Or so I have heard...

  2. And is it organic whiskey made from organic rye? I messed with itunes a year or two ago but lost patience trying to get it working on the old computer.

    1. I've been thinking about growing some rye. There are local whiskey makers looking for rye. I'm not sure Oregon Whiskey has the snob appeal of Kentucky whiskey.

    2. I think Portland alone can out-snob the state of Kentucky any day.

    3. Actually MuddyValley is the one who brought up the idea of growing rye for booze. Although someone else wanted me to no-till rye for them.
      Speaking of Portland... oh well that is another post. Portland-Golden Showers Bottle Water?


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